News From 2007


31st December 2007 last day of the year and it went out with a bit of a bang for Dean who caught a 21lb common carp followed by a young mirror carp.

30thDec. Since the ice has gone, several nice carp have been caught, the best being a 23lb.mirror caught by Simon this afternoon, he also landed a stunning 2lb.golden Rudd. Yesterday saw Andy catch a 13lb mirror with several pike anglers making catches.

26th Dec. The lake has now thawed in the main, just the odd patches of ice in the sheltered corners.

15th December The lakes have been frozen for several days so no surrey day ticket anglers have been able to fish here . I cannot remember in the 16 years we have been here that this has happened in December. Will update as soon as lake is thawed out.

November where has it gone, mind you it was not a good month for fishing, however yesterday being the last day of the month did produce three double figure carp with the best caught by Phil at 14lb.Often our best Carp are caught in December we will see what happens this year.

November 5th. Last week was quiet, Graham landed a nice mirror carp at 20lb.4oz. Today Paul on his first pike trip of the season caught a lovely 20lb.14 oz. Pike which was in pristine condition with lovely brown markings. Well done Paul this is the first 20 of the season.

October 17th. Piker Edd makes his first visit of the season today, he lands 6 fish best 11lb.with the comment that he had forgotten how stunning these Shillinglee Pike are, and he will be back tomorrow. Will let you know how he gets on. October 1st. PIKE SEASON BEGINS. the rain fell all day but the pike loved it with everyone catching. Matt settled for four fish the best being 12lb.8oz. There were three other doubles caught plus several 4 to 5 lb fish. Sam and Alistair ignored the temptation to go piking and stood firm for the carp with Sam landing a nice 18lb 6oz specimen not quite as good as the 32lb fish they had at their last visit, but they were not complaining and went home happy.

Sept.21st. Carp fishing excellent Andy landing a 32lb. with several mid doubles being caught. Tench good Phil taking a lovely 7lb.4oz. Autumn looks promising.

Sept.9th. This spell of settled weather is just what we want. The weekend produced some good fish. Keith kicked of with a nice 14lb.8oz.common carp. Our Bailiff Andy followed him with a nice 10lb.6oz. common. Several nice Tench where caught up to 6lb.4oz. Sunday was another lovely day. Richard set up in the shallows and promptly landed a 19lb.6oz.common,followed several hours later by a 27lb.Mirror [picture on site by tomorrow]. He said he felt lucky and when he saw the fish moving about around the lilies his adrenalin started pumping. August 12th. The two anglers Ryan and Adi  remind me of Chris Yates [passion for angling fame] They spend as much time reading the water and tempting our shy monsters to take their tip bits and yesterday afternoon they persuaded one of the big 30lb mirrors to take their bait. the pictures are a bit shaky with all the adrenalin about .Yet again we have a fish that has been lurking in the shadows all year without anyone being able to tempt her. Three weeks ago these guys caught a 23lb.mirror never seen before. Traditional angling skills of patience and quiet is all that is needed, unfortunately so many anglers have forgotten these virtues probably because of the relentless media attention given to the artificially stocked newly dug holes which are appearing everywhere these days. Well done to you both

10th.August. The last few weeks have been like the weather pretty poor, but now with the sun things are more like summer. Ryan and Ady new to Shillinglee landed a lovely 23lb.Mirror by the boathouse. Ady commented that the mouth vail was complete and it looked as if it had never been caught before, our fish are experts at hiding away from things with sharp hooks attached. Three nice perch were caught at the weekend all over a 1lb. Several roach the best 2lb.2oz. with a Golden Rudd approaching 2lb.The Tench were seen spawning this week which is about a month later than usual. Both Silverdale And the Canal Pond are fishing well with lots of young carp and Tench to about 4lb. being caught.

14th July There was a 14lb 15oz Common caught, and Sam ended up catching 7 Tench so it was a lucky Friday 13th for him.

13th.July This last few weeks has been strange, some days its good fishing other days its not so good with no pattern at all. This morning Sam has landed three nice Tench all over 5 lb. and Andy has just missed landing a good carp, so maybe Friday the 13th. will be a lucky day for these two, however the rain is still falling.

16th.June Five nice young carp were caught all from the top of the lake in shallow water, the best was caught by Matt at 16lb.10oz. with Shaun landing a lovely 12lb. ghost.

2nd.June. Dean has caught a 23lb mirror this morning ,young Max has landed three Tench. With Pike being caught in error together with some cracking Roach and Rudd. The canal pond has produced some nice young Tench today, with Silverdale consistently providing a mixture of Carp and Golden Rudd.

Bank holiday was very wet but carp were feeding well with three 20,s best 26lb. caught by Shaun.

18th.May Andy and Phil have taken time of work to do some swim clearing and branch lopping. Andy was justly rewarded for his efforts landing a nice young common at 12lb. followed a couple of hours later by a 22lb.Mirror.

13th May. Thunder and lightening produced a lovely 24lb.8oz. mirror carp for Shaun who has worked hard over the last few weeks, he also missed two others but he was happy. Richard caught a 1lb Roach and then went on to some lovely Tench best being 6lb.6oz.This morning Monday 14th is continuing with some good Tench and Roach being caught. The fish seem to like this unsettled weather, I'm not sure if I do .

5th.May. Bumper day for Tench with Simon catching seven the smallest being a 5lb.male.Andy and Pete also caught Tench. But the star was a stunning 2lb+ Golden Rudd, a true fish of a lifetime, picture will be on the site shortly. Large carp where dancing above the water but were being very difficult to catch.

22nd.April . Some nice fish caught in the margins, Shaun with a 14lb. common and Julian with a nice couple of Tench both over 6 lbs. Rudd were spawning in the warm Sunshine. Mike coaxed a mid double mirror on a floating dog biscuit his only regret was that their were four big fish sniffing but it was the smallest that he caught. Shows that the bigger fish are also the craftiest.

Easter. Everybody caught the sun but not much else. However this week is good with a good number of nice sized Tench best 7lb.8oz. and some superb Rudd over a pound. Long may this continue.

March 26th. Lovely spring weather Karen from Littlehampton landed a 16lb.8oz Pike.

March 27th. Another sunny day, Paul from Sussex who is responsible for building our Website decided to have a days fishing to chill out. He told me I do not mind if I do not catch a thing I just want to absorb the sunshine , That said he lands one of our lovely common carp at well over 30lb. He was happy but his adrenaline levels were still high when he left. Good old Paul.

March 20th. This cold snap does not seem to have spoiled the fishing with Andy catching a 21lb mirror carp in the morning and a 26lb.mirror carp in the afternoon, Warwick while fishing for carp caught some nice Tench. Despite this I still look forward to the mild weather returning.

Feb 17th. An early Surrey spring weekend. Several carp were caught the best being 17lb.7oz. Common in stunning condition. Three Tench were landed the best 5lb. The fish came to those that were quiet. Silence is Golden on this lake.

Weekend 13th.Jan. Most Day Ticket Pike Anglers caught with the average being about 6lbs. Warwick took a nice common and a Carp Angler landed a superb 1lb 8oz Roach. No Tench this weekend. What is happening to the weather here in Surrey / Sussex, Rain rain rain and more rain. This Saturday Warwick caught three Tench all above 5lb. Is it really the beginning of January. The Eastern bank of the main lake is dry but the western side needs good Wellingtons to keep dry.

December 25th.was a lucky day for Simon, he wanted to be away from everything Christmas day and he said in the morning that he felt lucky and with the number of fishing moving about it looked encouraging. At 4pm. Christmas afternoon he landed a wonderful 27lb. leather carp. He rang me asking if I would come down and photograph her, which I did  if for no other reason than to walk off my over indulgence. Picture will be on the web in the next few days. 

November 25th. The weather was all over the place thunder lightening winds rain and warm sunshine. However the fishing was alright particularly Pike with one day ticket angler catching a 17.5 lb. a 12.5lb. a 11lb. and a 8lb. and several were missed. Several nice Tench to 5lb.8oz. and one young common, were also caught during the day. The forecast is better for Sunday so we will see what happens tomorrow.,

This weekend 28th.Oct. The weather was lovely and the lakes looked a picture, but the fish did not show much interest in being caught. The previous weekend a new angler to us, caught a nice 22lb mirror, he returned on Sunday and I told him that Saturday had been quite and he may not be so lucky today. But he was, landing a splendid 21lb.Mirror carp from the opposite side of the lake. Next time I will keep my mouth shut.

Monday 23rd. Young Simon is back all dried off good old Mum] He smiled at me saying that he had not had a bite all day, but it was great he had seen loads of fish caught and assisted another angler land a 32lb.Common carp. His enthusiasm is magic.

Sunday 22nd.Oct. The rain hammered down all day, it did not worry young Simon a keen junior angler who landed a lovely 24lb 4oz. Mirror carp from the north of the lake. He went home wet but happy.

This weekend 21st Oct. The wind and rain continued over the weekend, but the fishing was good, the best carp caught was a mirror carp of 22lb. from the deep water, a new angler to visit Shillinglee who says he will be back. Some nice Tench in their lovely winter colours, two were over 6lbs. Pike best this week 15lb.

Last week saw a lot of rain turning the lake quite cloudy, the weekend saw four doubles caught plus a couple of Tench, Pike continued to fish well the best being 15lb. This morning Monday 16th.Oct the water is back to its normal colour, and I disturbed a couple of carp in the shallows when I walked round with the dogs. I have had several E-mails asking about Mai's puppies. She had ten and we have kept two. Harry and Indy. So watch out.

The Lilies have now died back enough to allow three rods. But be sensible when fishing with three.

Mid September is quite often the start of the excitement, and if this week is anything to go by we are in for a good season. with Warwick landing a 30lb.4oz.common carp mid afternoon. John a 3lb. Perch and a new angler to our lake landing two super Tench at 7lb. and 5lb. 

The August Bank holiday produced some good fish for those that were quiet and patient. The best were 24lb.8oz.mirror carp a 21lb.8oz. Mirror and a 17lb.6oz. very lightly scaled mirror carp. with a further six carp reported to me in the low to mid doubles. Tench to 5lb.6oz.and some nice Rudd and Roach.

Recently anglers have gone swimming to try and successfully land large Carp. Both ended up with the hook spat out and attached to a suitable branch. Who says fish have no brains. The lesson has to be, If you fish close to pads you must sit on your rods..

Silverdale is currently fishing very well with lots of lovely young Carp and Golden Rudd being caught.