News From 2008

31st December. Still frozen, but warmer than yesterday.

30th. December The lake has a thin coating of ice over 75% of its surface, looks like Winter might have finally arrived in Sussex and Surrey.

26th December. Santa was kind to Simon yet again, providing him with a 23lb. Common Carp caught at midday just before most of us where tucking into Christmas Turkey.

23rd. December. The lake is open for day tickets over the Christmas holidays. Simon is booked in for Christmas day, last year he landed a lovely 28lb.Mirror carp. He is hoping to catch the 37lb. common carp that he landed last February, it maybe now  be 40lb. What a Christmas present. We will see. Happy festive season to all our anglers and thanks for your support over this last year.

December 18th. Where have all the Surrey anglers gone, Christmas shopping I suspect. The lake is coloured after all the rain, the eastern bank is nice and dry, whereas the other side is quite muddy, but all the swims are fine it is just the paths that are wet.

December 6th. Despite the bitter cold, Andy landed a lovely 21lb.Mirror yesterday.

November 23rd Despite the weather throwing everything at us, Our anglers did not give up this weekend, Keith caught, in his own words a stunning 26lb Mirror Carp. He said she fought well and by the time he had landed the carp his hands were like blocks of ice, not to worry though as he quickly massaged his hands over his gas heater. GAS HEATER what are Sussex anglers made of,. we are not that far up North? Sorry Keith. The pikers also stuck it out and about 8 pike were caught ,the best I heard of was 9lb.

November 20th. Richard returned on Sunday and caught another three pike. The anglers that caught the 25lb. Pike a few weeks ago came back to try and better their P.B. they caught five pike but none bigger than 7lb.

November 13th.  This last ten days has been wet. wet' wet . But this did not dampen Richards spirit particularly after taking a 16lb. mirror carp and two hours later a 16lb.10oz. Common carp. Then trying his luck with the pike landed four in three hours, best was 6lb. the others from 2 to 5 lbs. A happy but damp Richard. Well done.

November 1st.This last week has been cold and wet but this has not put of the fish. Several double figure pike have been caught by day ticket anglers the best being 15lb. Warwick enjoyed himself landing three nice carp the best a mirror at 18lb. Andy endured the weather and took 4 carp including two twenties the best a 24lb.4oz. mirror carp, picture to follow in a week or so.

24th October. Matt took a lovely 25lb leather carp on Tuesday, technically it was a mirror carp but had only one scale on its flank. The autumn is a great season and the Pike are loving it with this seasons best being landed on Wednesday at 22lb plus two other doubles.

20th. October. Andy and Phil have been away on a fishing week in Shropshire. Their catch was a round number so they were glad to get back to their home water, where Andy took a 22lb.Common carp and Phil settled down on Silverdale and pulled out seven young carp ranging from 4lb. their confidence restored. A lovely 2lb.8oz. perch was caught by a newcomer to our Surrey Water and loads of smashing pike. Kevin took a 16lb.mirror carp and a 6lb. 8oz. Tench

14th. October Matt had a good weekend fishing for Pike on one rod and Carp on the other. Landed a 23lb.Mirror carp and four pike mostly doubles. Sam also took a nice mid twenty common carp from the middle of the lake. A newcomer to the lake landed a nice 6lb8oz Tench and several lovely big Roach.

10th. October. Young Ben landed one of the lovely Ghost carp at 13lb.But the week must go to the Pikers who I think, without exception caught good fish with several mid doubles amongst them.

6th.October. Autumn is here and Sam will remember the 28th September with his success in landing a 34lb. Carp. 3rd October produced a 23lb. and 16lb. carp for Kev. Graeme and Mick satisfied themselves with Autumn Tench, one of them fought so well Graeme thought he had a good carp on.

21st. September. The sun is still shining and the nights are crisp and cold, just right for Mr Pike, and the piker's yesterday all caught nice pike, the best being 16lb. Andy and Keith both caught double figure Carp, Roach continue to amaze with another 2lb.specimen.

13th. September. The sun is shining and the fish are playing. Phil takes a 32lb 9oz. from by the boathouse, Mick lands a 18lb.4oz. in the middle of the lake and Kevin takes two cracking 6 lb. Tench from the edge of the lilies. Lets hope the sun stays out.

11th. September. Only the second visit to the lake by Charlie and he lands a lovely 27lb. Mirror carp. Karen has started the Autumn of well with a nice mid double pike, and Keith lands a cracking 2lb.2oz. Roach. Well done pictures will be up soon.

28th. August. Autumn and deepest winter is when our carp records are broken, so either autumn has started early or the trends are changing, In any event Kevin had a broad smile on his face when he landed a perfect 35lb.Leather carp from the same spot that Mick had landed his 36lb.Mirror carp 3 days earlier. Picture will be on site shortly. Well done Kev.

25th. August. Mick is back after his success on Wednesday. He reminds me of the fact that just two weeks ago he was struggling to beat his P. B. of 15lb. How things change in just a few days. This morning he has hit the jackpot with a stunning common carp at 36lb.8oz. A famous politician once said You don't do something because it is easy, you do it because it is hard. This is true of most of our successful anglers. Well done Mick. Pictures of all three fish will be on the site shortly.

21st. August. Mick who normally goes for the Tench, had a success with the carp today, landing a 16lb.Common carp and a 25lb.Leather carp. Both had the mouth veil intact.

18th. August. Graeme [our very own Chris Yates] succeeded in landing a lovely double figure common carp after stalking her, she was feeding frantically together with a ghostie, Graeme popped his bait on her head and away she went, fighting all the way. Traditional ways working again. Well done. Those who regularly read our news will recall Stuart catching two lovely Tench and a 29lb.Leather carp at the beginning of July. His day was filmed by Kevin Green the editor of Improve your Coarse fishing. This months magazine includes a six page editorial explaining in some exceptional detail the ways and tips that Stuart uses to consistently catch large Tench from our lake at Shillinglee. The article is very well written and I have had numerous compliments to pass on to Stuart from visiting anglers. He has been rewarded by having one of our Tench and himself making up the front cover of the magazine. Well done Stuart.

 13th. August. Andy, Mark and Chris all caught nice mid double carp this week, together with several Tench all good weights. Lovely Rudd and roach still coming out in good numbers with the odd nice perch.

28th.July. This last week has seen several nice carp caught, the best being 22lb.6oz. Mirror carp caught by David yesterday, a 20lb.Mirror carp by Andy on Saturday and a lovely young Common carp at 16 lb by a new day ticket angler to Shillinglee. Nice summer Tench are being caught as are the roach and Rudd together with the occasional small pike. All in all not a bad week considering how hot it is.

21st.July. The best Tench this year was caught by Kevin at 9lb. He then went on to land an 8 lb. one as well, a happy chappie. Mick continued to catch the roach and Rudd the best being 1lb.4oz. Paul became the forth to nearly catch a big carp this last week, only to have the hook break  at the critical moment. In my last update I mentioned that Richard had nearly landed a big fish two weeks ago, well he made up for it yesterday by landing one mighty 30lb.6oz.Mirror carp. Well done Richard.

18th.July. Last week was the week of nearly caughts with Matt ,Richard and Dave all hooking into big fish that promptly spat the hook, how big we shall never know. The roach fishing is attracting day ticket anglers from far and wide, dozens of 2 lb. fish are being caught with the occasional one approaching 2lb.8 oz. Tench fishing is good particularly when using tootie fruitie baits. Pike are being caught on spinners and the occasional one being landed after grabbing a roach that was hooked. Ben landed a 14lb.mirror carp this morning, and reported seeing a lot of movement in the water, which may mean a good weekend. We will see.

1st.July. June ended on a high for Stuart who caught two lovely 7lb. Tench and then went swimming after a 29lb.Mirror carp took his Tench bait and put up a grand fight, with Stuart eventually succeeding in landing the beauty. Pictures will follow next week. After three years of holding the same day ticket prices. Two rod day ticket fishing increases from 8 to 10 from 1st.July.

16th.June. This last week has been a Mecca for the carpers last Sunday the 8th. saw Mark land the first 28lb.Leather carp of the season. Then on Friday during the bailiffs night A 23lb common carp and a 20lb mirror carp together with a 16 lb ghost carp and then Andy stole the show with a wonderful 35lb 4oz. Common carp, several nice Tench were also caught finishing off a cracking week. Today has started well with a 7lb 8oz. Tench and Karen is pulling in some lovely 3/4 lb. Rudd and roach.

29th.May. Bailiff Phils birthday. I take down a bottle of Jack Daniells to celebrate on the lake side. The evening is lovely and still and the rain has stopped, birdsong is vibrant with a wren singing for England. another sip of J.D. and we think we are in heaven. Then all hell lets lose the buzzers, rods and line go haywire. Phil moves like a rabbit with the J.D. going in one direction and Phil in the other. The line screamed out ,Phil held on, then started reeling in, and then off again, six times this happened, finally she was in the net, not a big thirty as was thought but a very strong and powerful 28lb.4oz. Mirror carp. The fish looked fitter than Phil after that fight, but he will remember his birthday for catching the fish and spilling his J.D.

28th May. Wash out for the bank holiday and day ticket anglers, but the rain has now stopped and Andy has landed a couple of high double figure Carp, One of them he describes as long slim and trim at 19lb.8oz. he thinks this could well be a big fish of the future.

24th May. A couple of Sussex anglers were up for the first time and had an enjoyable days float fishing catching mostly Roach and Rudd.

23rd. May. In 17 years I have never seen so many splendid Rudd and Roach, we must be nearing an average of3/4 Lb. Just today there has been several over 1 lb. Maybe its time to give the carp gear a rest and dig out the float and centre pin and have some fun. This week has seen two carp over 20lb. another at 16lb. and several fish around 9lb. Andy has taken four Tench this morning again all good weights over 5lb. Silverdale in its pretty setting is coming into its own now with dozens of young carp up to 5 lbs showing off in this lovely sunshine, lets hope it continues for the bank holiday.

16th.May. The carp have finished their spawning after giving everyone on the lake a good view of dozens of 20lb. +fish performing. their antics. Now they should be ready to feed, so good luck. Tench have come out all week together with some super Rudd And Roach with a nice Perch at 1lb.8oz.

May 7th.Hot and sunny. Ben and Greg had been doing a bit of pre-baiting during last week and it worked with Greg landing a 23lb.linear mirror and Ben a 21lb common carp and an 11lb. common carp. they both also notched up their personal best Tench 6lb.10oz. and 5lb.4oz.together with several smaller Tench but none under 4lb.

May 2nd.Sunshine at last. David returns after major heart surgery. He did not take it easy landing six Tench with his and our best this season at 8lb.8ozs. I was not expecting this much action it was great he said.

.April 28th. This weekend saw Tench, Tench and more Tench, all super weights over 5lb. Andy also caught a 2lb.Roach and a 12lb mirror together with three Tench. Several large carp were jumping in the shallows.

April 13th. This weekend was pretty exciting, I was told of six Tench caught over 5lbs with the best being 8lb.3oz.caught by Richard. Graham had his usual Sunday afternoon session using his cane and centre spool hooked played and landed a stunning 17lb.mirror carp. The sound of the centre spool spinning away was magical if only more people could come back to the old traditional ways, I was lucky enough to be with Graham through the whole adventure.

April has been slow to start with the snow the cold and the rain, saying that several Tench were caught last week. The sooner it warms up the better, bring on the Surrey and Sussex Summer

Good Friday saw a bitter north wind sweep the lake, despite this Simon landed a 20lb.Mirror and then an 8lb.Common carp plus a good take missed. Worth getting cold for.

18th.March. Regulars Phil Sam and Andy all caught double figure carp, Phil with the biggest at 14lb. Paul landed pike yesterday despite a lot of spawning activity around the margins.

3rd March. Month starting well with Sam landing a 17lb. 6oz.common carp and Andy a couple of decent Tench. Pike fishing was fairly good over the weekend with four caught that I know off.

11th Feb. What a wonderful weekend with temperatures of 14 degrees. I saw two red admiral butterflies. It was also a unforgettable Saturday for Simon who finished his bank side breakfast and promptly got into a battle with one of the big carp. Which he eventually landed at 37lb.9oz. what a stunning Common carp it was. Dene landed another winter Tench at 4lb.8oz. and on Sunday Richard was catching and missing his pike. February is starting well.

31st Jan. A good number of double figure pike have been caught this month together with a a number of mid twenty carp, so all in all not a bad month.

20th January after another rainy week in which the lake managed to flood some swims we have had another January Tench only about 4lb but still amazing that they are being caught at this time of year. The Pike were also quite active with a number being caught over the weekend but none of any size were reported.

13th January Keith caught a nice 19lb 12oz Carp, doing better in the winter than he did in the summer having a fish every trip at the moment.

5th Jan The new year has started well, with Alan happily landing a 29lb. mirror carp. 

1st Jan 2008 Keith caught a 6lb 8oz. Tench he could not believe it, considering the lake had been frozen the previous week.