News from 2009

30th.December. The lake is mostly ice free today and fish are showing interest on anglers bait.

28th.December. Jack has visited over night and left a thin layer of ice over the lake.

27th.December. The ice has nearly gone and people are fishing again.

21st.December.Lake totally frozen over. Will update site as soon as ice has thawed.

Sat.19th.December. The sun is out and the lake is not frozen.

18th.December. The lake looks stunning with the snow on the trees. The lake is cold but free from ice. Will update the site if situation changes.

7th.December. Despite this awful weather, Dan Carl and Andy all caught good sized carp this weekend. Carl landed one of our ghost carp at a respectable 16lb.Bailliff Andy who was celebrating his 50th.birthday succeeded in landing a lovely 17lb.common within 30 minutes of casting out. Welcome to the fifty club Andy.

30th.November. Carl kept the flag flying for the carpers with a couple of lovely fish in particular a 23lb.linear scaled stunner hopefully a picture will follow shortly..The heavy rain seemed to have suppressed the pike this weekend.

24th.November.The carp continued to feed for some  over the weekend with Carl taking a 19lb.common and a 12lb.mirror.Dan took a 21lb.lightly scaled mirror from the back of the lilles by the boathouse.

20th.November.When Domonic presented me with his camera battery and asked me to put it on charge I guessed he had had a good session, looking at his huge grin I knew I was right.He took 5 carp, 4 where good doubles including a 16lb. and 17lb.common and topped the bunch with a 25lb. 6oz. mirror, with the from last week he certainly has something to smile about. Before you ask, I do not know the bait he uses other than I think he has it made, from  somewhere in East Sussex. Well done Dom. Lets hope the fish keep feeding through the weekend.

 17th.November.With trees down all over the place I was surprised to see anyone here over the weekend. Those that braved the storms were on the whole successful, with Paul, Russell and Dan all catching carp between 12lb. and 22lb. Today we have some river anglers visiting us because the Arun and Rother are in flood,  they seem very happy with our Roach with several roach over a 1lb. It is nice, when we have anglers, catching our stunning roach and Rudd. I just wish there were more of them. Perhaps I should hope that the Arun floods more often.

13th.November. Very changeable weather this last 10 days, this has not stopped the pike feeding with most anglers catching. A different story for the carpers who have struggled until now. But this morning all changed with Dominic catching a stunning 37lb.14oz.common,I am sure a lot of anglers would have claimed a 38lber but not our Dom. Yet again it proves put the time in and you will succeed. Well done Dom.

3rd.November The weather has certainly changed for the worse, but has resulted in a bundle of carp for young Dan. From memory his two days resulted in 8 carp. 5 mirrors and 3 commons. the largest was a 26lb.10oz. Mirror caught this morning at about 10am. He also took a 18lb mirror a 19lb.common and five other carp from low to mid doubles. Dan tells me he has a new bait but gives me no clue to its contents. But clearly the carp are quite smitten with it. Well done Dan.

 30th.October This last 10 days has been a real Indian summer and the autumn colours have been the best I think I have seen. Pike have continued to provide good sport with an 18 lb. girl being the best. The carp have slowed right down, however the weather is on the change and Andy took a 24lb.mirror from close to the pads this morning and Mark caught  a lovely 6lb.Tench and although he was fishing for carp he was happy with such a stunning looking Tench.

19th.October I am often asked where are the hot spots on the lake. This last week illustrated perfectly that fish feed all over the lake with Dominic catching a 22lb mirror and a Common at 18lb.  in the shallows, Carl taking a 18lb mirror in about a 3 foot of water halfway down the lake and Andy landing a 24lb mirror and a 12lb.Common by the dam in deep water. Some good pike have been caught this week including a nice 15lb.specimen which is the best of the season so far.

8th.October.First big mirror this autumn ,caught by Dan today at deep water. Well done Dan he has have been working all summer for one of the big mirrors. For the regulars it was the fish with one and a half barbs. Also two nice 18lb fish caught by Taylor and Dom one common and one mirror.

5th October I have been away for a few weeks hence the lack of news. Ben who has been looking after things while we have been away tells me that some nice carp have been caught including a lovely 37lb.Common. The pike season has got underway with a good number being caught no monsters yet though.

13th.September.Lovely autumn sunshine has produced some good fish. Mark had good reason to be smiling when he landed his P.B. with a 33lb.6oz.common carp. It led him a real fight but with help from Chris they managed to land the beauty. Mark had been putting in the time so this was well deserved. Well done Mark.

30th.August.What has changed to make the carp suddenly interested in our anglers bait? In the last week nine carp, mixture of commons and mirrors have been caught all just over or just under 20lb.Several other mid doubles have also been landed. Many large fish are cruising in the sunshine. Long may this continue.

22nd.August.Hot days wet days has made the carp fishing quite challenging, but good fish are being caught. Carl taking a nice 26lb.Mirror and Dan using his new bait, today landed a stunning 33lb.Common ,he had been trying for one of our thirties for some time and finally succeeded. Well done Dan.

10th.August It is always good to see happy faces when anglers break their personal best. This week their were two anglers that each broke two P.B.s. Denise landed a 2lb.4oz. Roach and a 6lb.Tench giving her two new P.B.s. Paul also did the trick with a 22lb.8oz.common and a 6lb.8oz.Tench.Well done to you both.

3rd August Changeable weather this weekend. Bailiff Andy kept the big carp coming with a 32lb. beauty. Paul took a lovely 6lb 10oz. Male Tench that made his day. When the sun came out lots of big carp seen cruising between the pads.

28th.July. You see a lot of strange things walking round the lake. Including a pair of black underpants hanging from a tree next to where Steve was fishing. Either he had had a dodgy curry or had been swimming for his fish. One look at him with a grin from ear to ear told its own story. He had battled with one of the big mirrors that had taken him from Lilly pad to Lilly pad and back eventually winding his line around the nearest pad. There was only one thing for it said Steve and in he went, freed his line and with the fish still on he successfully landed a stunning 32lb.6oz. mirror .A personal best for Steve. Well worth taking of your underpants  a Steve?

 20th.July. After a lean spell on the carp front. The tables are starting to turn with several nice fish caught at the weekend. Carl took the biggest at 24lb.12oz.Nice Tench and some decent Roach were also caught.

18th.July.This last week has produced some stunning Tench six where reported  over 6lb.with Dan taking the biscuit at 8lb.2oz.Carp have been more challenging several half chances missed with not many landed, however a 17lb.8oz mirror was caught this morning. Roach, Rudd and Perch keep providing excellent sport for those that fish for them.

 7th.July the weather remains very changeable Richard has taken this opportunity to take a 7lb.Tench two double figure carp and a 23lb.common. Well done Richard.

3rd.July. The weather is on the change. Dominic lands a lovely 16lb.mirror. Dan set up in the shallows and between the lightening caught three carp a 14lb.mirror a 16lb.common and a 21lb mirror. Pictures to follow.

26th.June If you are brave enough to  hold a carbon rod during a thunderstorm you may catch big fish. Alistair proved the point when he landed a wonderful 31lb.7oz.mirror this morning.

Saturday 20th.the main lake will be closed for a private function. Silverdale and the Canal pond will remain open for day tickets.

16th.June Russell landed a lovely 30lb.10oz. Mirror on Monday. Dan also took a 24lb and a 15lb. mirror. Carl took the seasons best Tench at 9lb.on Saturday and Paul caught the first eel of the summer at 3lb.Then took two more at 3lb.10oz.and 4lb 14oz. Well done you guys.

5th.June. Dave and Steve had several nice mid double carp during  this week Barrie caught two nice Tench over 5lb. Terri went for perch and roach and had some of both with all of the perch over a  lb. and several roach at similar weights.

1st June. The weekend saw something of everything from Rudd to Carp to Tench and perch, nothing of any great size or quantity, perhaps the fish were just enjoying the lovely weather rather than feeding.  Who knows?

27th.May. Wednesday last week saw one of the very old girls caught by David at 25lb.She is probably over thirty years old but despite battle scars she was fit and healthy. On Thursday Graeme took a cracking linear at 21lb.She looked magnificent more than you can say for Graeme who stabbed his forehead in his excitement to start fishing picture to follow. The bank holiday warm weather started the carp spawning making a cracking sight for us all. Cold weather has returned and put a stop to all of that for the time being. Despite the cold wind and rain Steve took a superb 29lb.8oz. mirror and I had to miss the foote to photograph it, but what a beauty. Picture will follow shortly. Well done Steve.

 18th.May.Windy and wet most of the week, uncomfortable fishing conditions but for those who stuck it out there were some good rewards. On the carp front three twenties were caught .With Richard in heaven after landing an upper thirty Common. Warwick and Richard weighed the fish with different scales one said 39lb.the other 37lb. so I think about right. Well done Richard. Some nice Tench also caught, unfortunately most were caught on heavy carp gear, so the real fun of catching a seven pound Tench tends to be lost. How about some of you carpers using one rod just for Tench.  Not wanting to rattle anyone's cage, just a suggestion!

11th.May The weekend was quieter than the bank holiday but Jamie took a 20lb.Common and Andy a 23lb.Mirror.There were several doubles caught and a couple of nice Tench.

 5th.May. The bank holiday proved to be a busy time for the lake, We were away for the Monday so unable to report on the success or not of our anglers. The beginning of the holiday found Mick Gould very happy after landing a stunning 35lb.10oz. Mirror. Bailiff Andy was on hand to to weigh and photograph the beauty. Mick thinks it is the sister to the fish Kevin caught several weeks ago. Richard succeeded landing a 23lb.Mirror from the shallows. The Tench were steadily caught including another 5lb.male.  Roach and Rudd were courting giving everyone a view of their love making.  Spring is really here.

27th.April.The weekend produced six carp over 18lb. with Mark catching a 22lb. common and Dom landing a 22lb.Leather carp. Tench were caught throughout the weekend including on the Canal pond. While the Roach and Rudd were keeping up, with some fish topping the 1lb.

24th.April.  I stand corrected. Mick Gould caught the big Girl last August at 36lb.8oz.How could I have forgot Mick. Steve ended yesterday with three Carp, catching an in the evening

23rd.April.Wonderful weather and superb fishing with Russell hitting the sweet spot with a new lake record Common Carp at 38lb.8oz. Last time this fish was caught was 11 months ago at 35lb.8oz. Steve landed a lovely 19lb.Common Carp at 9am this morning then at 4pm.bags a stunning mirror carp at 21lb. I have a picture of this fish when it was just 5lb. five years ago. Well done Russell and Steve. Pictures will follow shortly.

20th.April.A good weekend for Tench and Carp with several large doubles and a 28lb.Mirror carp for Russell. Also the Kingfishers are back catching roach with ease, unlike some of our anglers. The Canal pond was again giving up its Tench to a very happy and contented fisherman.

17th.April.This last few days has produced some lovely Roach and Rudd a real sign that spring is here. Today a 6lb.8oz. male Tench was caught, in the pouring rain, this  is the best male Tench caught this year.

14th. April Easter was good for the carpers with six fish over 15lb.Plus a 24lb.Mirror and Warwick took the best with a wonderful 35lb Mirror. Bailiff Andy identified the fish as one that was caught last year at 32lb.It was caught on Warwicks 35th.Birthday.What a present. On a serious note Graeme and David rescued a large tethered carp. It was hooked on a barbed hook with the lead clipped so firmly that I struggled to free it. This would have resulted in the fish having a terrible death. I will be inspecting all rigs. All barbed hooks and micro barbs are banned.

11th.April After a lean couple of weeks on the carp front. Three nice doubles were caught yesterday. Andy taking a 15lb.Mirror down by the dam. Dan landing a 13lb.Common up in the shallows and Russell taking the best of the bunch  an 18lb.8oz. common from the middle of the lake. Just shows that the fish spread themselves around the lake. Several Tench were also caught with Andy catching the best weight at 4lb.6oz. The Roach are also coming in steadily with a couple over 1lb.

9th.April. Real April weather,  showers and sun and very mild. The roach and Rudd are being landed, with several over a 1lb.Tench continue to be caught, with one angler taking 20 Tench in an afternoon from Canal Pond. Lets hope these mild temperatures continue over the Easter break.

6th.April.A stunning week weather wise not so good on the fishing. A couple of nice Tench over 5 lb some nice perch and Rudd, the carp where busy make their presence known but seemed to keep pulling the hook adding to Doms. frustrations.

 30th.March This last week has been cold and wet, but the fishing has not been bad with pike  Tench and some cracking carp caught, the best was landed by Graeme a lovely 21lb 12oz linear mirror carp followed by a 12lb Ghost carp.

21st March. Another stunning spring day particularly for Kevin, who broke the lake record this morning with a perfect  golden  mirror carp on the button at 38lb. Lots of big carp showing, Warwick again  has been catching the Tench with another cracking fish over 6 lb. He also took a 17lb.common carp this morning. Long may this weather continue.

20th March. A Mystery!!!! Our regulars will know that the canal pond is full of young Tench with a few golden Rudd. Yesterday an angler wanted a mornings Tench fishing so I suggested the canal pond. After catching a young Tench he promptly catches several 4lb carp. Where did they come from??? The angler was happy because on light Tench gear he had real fun landing the carp.

17th.March. Another lovely sunny day and the lakes look superb, the Tench started to feed and Dominic caught lovely 5lb.female, followed by a young healthy looking common at 12lb.Several large carp were seen tail jumping always a cracking sight.

 16th.March.Sunny warm days but cold nights have kept the carp elusive, with Andy catching the best of the week, a 14lb.8oz.common.Sivlerdale produced a good number of young carp particularly around the waterfall.

9th.March A bright but cold weekend produced several nice young carp the best at 17lb.the smallest at just 12lb.Warwick landed the first male Tench of the year at a very good 5lb.8oz.

6th.March.No spring has not arrived, this week has been wet and cold, today is sunny and the pike are being caught, Matt manages a 12lb.8oz.picture to follow.

2nd March. Has spring arrived? The Tench think so, with Warwick landing a nice 6lb.8oz.female.The carp continued to feed with Warwick also catching two double figure commons.

28th.Feb. Weekend started well with Dominic landing a lovely 23lb. Leather Carp followed by a young 12lb Common Carp

27th. The sun continues to shine. So far today Andy has netted a 16lb. Common Carp, and Phil comes in with a 19lb. Mirror Carp. Graham on only his second visit to Shillinglee tops the day with a 20lb 8oz, Mirror Carp.

26th.Feb.The warmer water is starting to produce good carp. Karen is back after her successful pike session on Sunday. Today she was after carp and what a beauty she caught at 22lb 1oz. she was a golden brown mirror in perfect condition.

24th.Feb.A good day for the Pikers, six caught the best 14lb.

22th.Feb.A whole week free of ice, maybe winter is over. The water is slowly warming up. Warwick opened his new year account with a young 16lb.golden common carp. Karen took two pike  the best being 8lb.8oz.While she was playing the fish  a monster struck and put a nasty gash in the side of the fish. One for next time Karen.

15th.Feb. Lake free of ice, plenty of fish moving about.

14th.Feb. south of lake covered with a thin sheet of ice, north end clear of ice.

12th.February.most of the ice is gone, leaving a lovely sunny winters morning.

11thFebruary. Lake frozen.

9th February. Lake clear of ice.

8th.February 80% frozen.

Saturday. 7th.February. Welcome sunshine and the lake is clear of ice.

4th.February. The ice has nearly gone and should be well cleared by tomorrow.

3rd.February.Lake frozen will update site as soon as thaw kicks in.

1st.February.The lake is blasted by a bitter easterly wind today and certainly sorted the men from the boys. There were several pike caught and as many nearly caught. Karen caught the best at 11lb.2oz.she fought well for a minute then allowed herself to be netted without much trouble. The pike that is!!!

22nd.January. Wet and mild. The Carp probably prefer this and Matt proved the point when he caught a 16lb Common carp in deep water yesterday.

18th.January. Finally the lake is clear of ice and the pike loved it with several caught today, the best weight was 12lb, caught by a youngster who had not caught pike before. Hopefully we can look forward to some good winter fishing, our record carp was caught last February at over 37lb.

12th.January.Finally lets go fishing. Ice should be clear tomorrow, good luck.

The main lake with a covering of ice

3rd.January minus 4 this morning, lake frozen solid. Will update site as soon as thaw sets in.

2nd January The top of the lake is free of ice. Matt and his father-in-law did some piking, they caught three the best about 9lb.The deep water swims still have a thin covering of ice.

1st January 2009: We wish all our anglers a happy new year and tight lines, unfortunately the lake is still mostly frozen. I will update at soon as it clears.