Monday 29th December.  Jack caught the same Mirror he had previously caught a few weeks ago, which this time weighted in at 39lb 8oz, 7lb heavier than before, so it has been clearly feeding well of late.

Saturday 6th December.  Andy caught a very nice 34lb 8oz Common. Rob landed a 12lb Common.

Saturday 21st November.  Andy caught 2 good Commons.  One was 19lb 8oz and the other 11lb. Jack caught a 12lb Mirror.

Saturday 16th November.  Robin caught a fantastic 38lb 12oz Common.

Friday 7th November.  Our BIGGEST carp ever has been caught at Shillinglee.  A massive 40lb Mirror.  Well done Phil.  He also caught an 8lb Mirror and a 12lb Mirror.  Andy landed a 17lb Mirror. The fish are growing well and this is testiment to the good quality of the water and natural food sources at Shillinglee. 

Tuesday 4th November.  Rob caught a lovely 14lb Common.

Sunday 2nd November.  Rob caught 2 Commons.  One 10lb 12oz and the other 16.5lbs. 

Wednesday 28th October.  Rob caught 7 Pike.  The biggest being 12.5lbs

Monday 27th October.  Les and Paul caught a few Pike between them the biggest one being Les with a 15.5lb Pike. 

Saturday 5th October. Sean landed a 31lb Common. Rob caught a 20lb Mirror.

Friday 3rd October.  PJ caught a splendid 38lb 10oz Mirror. 

Tuesday 7th October.  Rob landed 2 Commons.  One was 17lb and the other was 11lb.  He also caught a 20lb Mirror.  Mick caught a 12lb 5oz Mirror. 

Monday 6th October.  Rob caught an 18lb and a 19lb 8oz Common and an 18lb 12oz Mirror.

Saturday 4th October. Jack again landed a 19lb 2oz Common, a 14lb Mirror and a 10lb Common.  Rob caught an 11lb Common and Steve caught an 17lb 4oz Common and a 12.5lb Mirror. 

Friday 3rd October. Jack caught 3 Mirrors, 38lb 2oz, 17lb 10oz and a 15lb.  Rob caught a 14lb Common.

Wednesday 1st October. Derek caught 3 good fish,  2 Mirrors weighing in at 17lb 10oz and 15lbs.  He also landed a Common at 11.5lbs. 

The Pike season has started in ernest with Rob catching a 10lb Pike We look forward to welcoming back all the Pike anglers here at Shillinglee. 

Wednesday 30th September.  Rob landed 3 Commons, 14lb, 16lb and 19lbs. 

Sunday 21st September.  Rob caught a 26lb Common. 

Saturday 20th September.  Richard caught a 10lb Common.

Thursday 18th September.  Taylor caught a 12lb Mirror and a 32lb Common.

Wednesday 17th September.  Derek caught a 24lb Mirror and a 17lb Common. 

Wednesday 10th September.  Derek caught a 17lb Mirror and a 12lb Common.  Theo caught a 34lb 10oz Mirror. 

Saturday 6th September.  Sean caught a 17lb 6oz Mirror and a 15lb Common. Phil landed a 16lb Common and Andy landed a 19lb Common.

Wednesday 3rd September.  Dom caught 2 Mirror carp one 24lb and the other 19lb. 

Saturday 30th August.  PJ caught a 23lb 6oz Leather and a 16lb 4oz Common.  Rob landed a 25lb Common and a 16lb 4oz Ghosty.  Dom caught a 14lb 8oz Common and a 19lb Mirror. 

Friday 29th August.  A day ticket guy caught a 9lb 10oz Common and Dom landed a 32lb 6oz Common.

Monday 25th August.  Phil again caught a 22lb 6oz Mirror and a 23lb 2oz Common.

Sunday 24th August.  Phil caught a 17lb 4oz Common and an 18lb 12lb Mirror.

Saturday 23rd August. Rob caught a 24lb 4oz Mirror.  Phil landed a 16lb Common.

Sunday 17th August.  Lee caught a 14lb Common.

Tuesday 29th July.  Dom yet again caught a stunning 36lb 7oz Mirror and a 13lb Common.  Tom also caught a 25lb Mirror. 

Monday 28th July.  Dom landed a 7lb Common, a 13lb Common and a 20lb Common.

Thursday 24th July. Dom caught a 7lb Common, a 16lb Common and a 25lb Mirror.

Sunday 20th July.  Rob caught an 18lb Leather.  Phil landed a 21lb Mirror and a 17lb 5oz Common.

Saturday 19th July.  Rob landed a 19lb Common and a 17lb Common.  He also caught an 18lb 8oz Mirror.  Andy caught an 8lb Common.

Thursday 17th July.  Terry caught two good sized Commons.  One 29lb and the other 18lb.  He also caught a 7lb 8oz Tench.  Dom also caught a good sized Tench. 

Tuesday 15th July.  Theo caught an 11lb Common and Rob caught a 16lb and a 19lb 4oz Common.

Sunday 13th July.  Jack caught a stunning 37lb 10oz Mirror.  He also landed a 16lb Common, a 17lb Common, a 20lb Common and a 11lb Mirror.  Well done Jack.

Saturday 12th July.  Steve landed an 8lb Tench.

Thursday 10th July.  Dom caught a 9lb Tench.

Wednesday 9th July Keith caught a lovely 23lb 10oz Common and Paul caught a 16lb 4oz Common.

Tuesday 8th July
Richard landed a 14lb Common and a beautiful 21lb Mirror.

Saturday 6th July
  Rob caught a 12lb Common.

Friday 4th July
Andy landed a 24lb 4oz Mirror.  Dom caught a 15lb Common.

Wednesday 2nd July.
Tom caught a 6lb Common and an 8lb Tench.  Dom landed a 16lb Mirror and a 10lb Mirror.

Sunday 22nd June.
  Robin landed a beautiful 19 lb 4 oz Common.

Friday 20th June.  Andy caught a 16 lb 8 oz Common followed by a 15 lb 6 oz Common, while PJ landed a 14 lb 4 oz Mirror and Steve a 5 lb 8 oz Common (one of the fish added to the main lake from Silverdale/Deer Pond a few years ago).

Friday 13th June  Sean landed a 19 lb 15 oz Common followed by a 17 lb 10 oz Common, while Charlie caught a very nice 26 lb Common and 16 lb Mirror.

Spawning has now come to a close this season. The fish are moving around the lake and enjoying the warmer conditions, and good numbers of fish are being caught.

Saturday 14th June.  Please be aware that anyone wishing to come and fish on Saturday 14th June will find the lake busy and a lack of swims due to an event on the Friday eve.  The afternoon would be a better time to come.

The number of Carp and Tench being caught this year continues unabated.  It can only be a matter of time before someone lands a Carp in excess of 40lbs as we have had two catches in recent times just below 39lbs...

Tuesday 3rd June.  Angus caught two beautiful Mirrors weighing in at 26lb and 20lb. 

Sunday 1st June.  Robin landed three Mirrors at 10lb, 11lb and 12lb, followed by a 5lb 1oz Tench.

Friday 30th May.  Andy caught a 22lb 8oz Mirror,  22lb Mirror and a 7lb 3oz Tench.

Wednesday 28th May.  Clive landed a 37lb 13oz Mirror and a 19lb 8oz Common. 

Sunday 25th May.  Sean caught a 12lb Ghost Carp and a 25lb 12oz Mirror.  Richard caught an 18lb Common and a 5.5lb Tench.

Friday 23rd May.  Andy landed an 18lb 7oz Common and a 6lb Tench. 

Thursday 22nd May.  Sam caught a nice 22lb Mirror and a 19lb Common.

As can be seen from below, both Carp and Tench are feeding nicely.  The ambient temperature is clearly helping and long may it last.....

Wednesday 14th May.  Bill almost matched Theo's previous day's exploits with a Tench weighing in at 10lb.  What a beauty!

Tuesday 13th May.  Theo stepped up and caught the BIGGEST Tench ever seen at Shillinglee, weighing in at 10lb 8oz, the previous best being 10lb 3oz in 2010.  Well done Theo! The photo will be added to the gallery shortly. 

Sunday 11th May. Robin joined the success story on Carp with four beautiful specimens, a 15lb Common, 16lb Common, 19lb Common and 23lb 5oz Mirror.  Sean, who has landed a Mirror Carp in excess of 38lbs this year, caught a 20lb 2oz Common and 15lb Mirror. 

Saturday 10th May.  Sean landed a stunning 25lb 4oz Mirror, an 18lb Mirror and 11lb Common, while Samuel, who caught the biggest Carp in 2013 at Shillinglee (at 37lb 7oz) caught a 17lb Mirror and a Tench of around 5lb, with another 5lb Tench landed by Andy.

Friday 9th May.  Charlie landed a Mirror weighing in at 10lb and a Common at 12lb, while Matt found success with a 12lb Mirror and a Tench of around 5lb, with Andy joining the Tench party with two 5lb specimens. 

Wednesday 7th May. Clive found success again with another nice Carp, this time a 20lb 6oz Mirror and a 9lb Mirror.

Tuesday 6th May.  Clive caught three good-sized Carp, comprising an 18lb 4oz Common, a 17lb 11oz Common, a 21lb 9oz Mirror and a Tench at around 5lb. 

Monday 5th May.  Paul landed a beautiful 1lb 8oz Perch.

Thursday 1st May.  An article about Shillinglee Fishery appeared in the Angling Times magazine this week (page 18), which was extremely complimentary about the fishery and its surroundings.  Paul Codman who wrote the article, fished at Shillinglee a few weeks ago and caught 3 beautiful Tench. 

Monday 28th April.  Paul has caught 2 Perch at 1.5lbs and some Rudd. 

Sunday 27th April.  Clive yet again, caught a 26lb Mirror and a 4lb Common.  Rob landed an 8lb and a 10lb Common. 

Saturday 26th April.  Again, Clive caught a 9lb Common, a 15lb 12oz Mirror and a 21lb 10oz Mirror. Sean too, landed a 20lb 13oz Common and a 10lb Common. Richard also landed 2 Commons.  One was 15lb and the other 18lb.  Phil also caught a 22lb 12oz Common. 

Friday 25th April.  Clive caught an 11lb 6oz Mirror, a 32lb 15oz Common and a 12lb 6oz Common.  Sean caught 2 Mirrors.  One 21lb 7oz and the other 15lbs. 

The fishing over the weekend has been great, with lots of carp being caught.

Thursday 24th April.  Clive caught a 23lb 4oz Mirror and a 22lb 2oz Common. 

Tuesday 22nd April.  Derek landed 2 Mirrors and 3 Commons.  The Mirrors were 13lb and the other 13lb 4oz.  The Commons 15lb 4oz, 15lb 12oz and 23lb 4oz.

Recent photos will be posted on the website shortly.

Monday 21st April.  Robin landed another Carp, this one a Common, weighing in at 14lb, while Angus stepped up with an even bigger specimen, a 25lb 15oz Mirror.  Well done Angus.

Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th April.  Enter Sean, who, has landed the biggest Carp on the lake in the last 12 months at 38lb 10oz, caught a beautiful 11lb Common, followed by 23lb 3oz Mirror, 19lb 8oz Common, 12lb Common and finally an 11lb Common.  What a performance!

Wednesday 16th April.  Clive landed an 11lb 7oz Mirror.

Sunday 13th April.   Robin caught a beautiful 25lb 2oz Mirror.

Friday 11th April.  Angus started the catching spree with a 20lb Common and Simon landed a 12lb Mirror. 

We have witnessed big action on the Main lake over the last two weeks as some stunning Carp have come out. 

Wednesday 16th April.  Further evidence of both Tench and Carp waking up with the warmer weather was seen yesterday with Paul who landed 3 nice Tench up to 6lbs including a Black Tench, Derek with a 19lb Mirror and Clive with both a 12lb Mirror and 5lb 8oz Tench. 

The water lilies are just starting to be visible beneath the surface and so should be on the surface in a couple of weeks.

The warmer weather has clearly contributed to the recent successes on the Main Lake and we await further news of bigger specimens which will undoubtly be caught over the coming months. 

Saturday 5th - Sunday 13th April.  The Tench are starting to feed in the Main lake, as evidenced by the six fish caught over the last week or so: Rob caught two Tench, followed be Keith who chipped in with another, Derek caught 2 weighing in at 7lb 8oz and 5lb 12oz, with Richard joining the pack with another nice Tench.  During this feeding frenzy, Jamie landed a 12lb Mirror, Angus a 20lb Common and Rob a handsome 25lb 2oz Mirror. 

The Pike season at Shillinglee has now drawn to a close until October and what a Pike season it has been!  Three different fish of each just under 30lbs show the ecosystem on the Main lake is a great habitat for our resident Pike. 

Saturday 5th April.  Andy landed a magnificent 37lb 7oz Mirror which put up a huge fight. 

Friday 14th March.  Alex caught a 37lb 13oz Mirror and an 18lb Pike.

Thursday 13th March.  Andy caught a 5lb Tench.  The first one to be caught this year. 

Monday 10th March.  Chris landed 3 Pike.  The biggest was up to 15lb.  Rob also landed his PB Pike at 17lbs. 

Saturday 8th March.  Dave caught an amazing 29lb 10oz Pike.  The biggest one to be caught out of Shillinglee for a long time.  There are now at least 3 pike that are just under the 30lb mark. 

Saturday 8th February.  Dom caught a beautiful 19lb Mirror.

Friday 7th February.  Jack has a further success with an 18.5lb Common.

Sunday 2nd February.  Jack landed a very nice 20lb Common, his first fish at Shillinglee.  Well done Jack.

Water levels are still high with the heavy rainfall but only one or two pegs are flooded, and as per below, the carp are feeding well,  with big fish continuing to be caught.

Saturday 1st February.  Robin has not fished at Shillinglee for over a year, but came back and showed he has retained his old Shillinglee skills with a beautiful 35lb Common, which was last caught about a year ago weighing in at 34lb.  He added to this with two further carp, a 16lb Mirror and 14lb.  Well done Robin. 

Monday 27th January.  Dom, who has not fished for a while came back fighting with a 22lb Common. 

Despite the relativley cloudy water, due to the recent heavy rainfall, big carp and pike are continuing to be caught, which is very encouraging. 

Saturday 18th January.  Jack landed a stunning 22lb 10oz Common followed by a 17lb Common.  Sean returned to the fray with another big Mirror, this time weighing in at 27lb.

Sunday 12th January.  Sean landed the biggest fish we have seen in recent times on the specimen lake with a massive 38lb 10oz Mirror; in addition he caught 15lb and 10lb Commons.  These recent catches confirm that activity is good on the lake despite the recent cold weather.