Fishing News from 2016

Friday 23rd December. Fishing has been good this year.  We have a lot of good sized Carp out but the Pike seem a liitle confused now since the weather has become warmer again. Wishing all our fishermen a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.  We look forward to welcoming you back in 2017. 

Saturday 26th November.  Dom caught a stunning 32lb Common.  Brilliant!

Saturday 19th November.  Andy caught a splendid 15lb 2oz Pike. Well done Andy. After such a wet weekend lets hope the weather improves this week.  Happy fishing

Tuesday 15th November.  A day ticket fisherman caught an amazing 20lb Pike.  

Wednesday 9th November.  Jack caught a fantastic 37lb Mirror.  Joe landed a 15lb Mirror and Andy a day ticket fisherman caught a 9lb and a 14lb Common.  We have had a couple of frosts now so maybe some more will be caught. 

Tuesday 25th October.  There has been a few catches out this weekend at Shillinglee.  Steve caught a 14lb Common and a 6lb Pike and a 9lb Pike. Kevin landed a 12lb Common and Andy caught a 27lb Mirror. Theo had a great days fishing with 4 Pike. An 11lb, 12lb, 13lb and a 15lb. 

The weather at Shillinglee is getting colder now so hopefully we will be seeing lots more Pike being caught. 

Monday 17th October.  Matt caught a fantastic 16lb 2oz Pike and a few Jacks.  Paul landed a 22lb 2oz Leather.  Well done Paul!

Saturday 15th October.  Henry a day ticket fisherman caught a lovely 33lb Common.  Theo also caught an 18lb 2oz Common and an 18lb 4oz Common. 

Wednesday 5th October.  Matt had a brilliant days fishing.  He caught 8 Pike.  A 6lb, 7lb, 10lb 12oz, 13lb 12oz and a 15lb 6oz, and 3 Jacks. A day ticket fisherman has caught a 20lb Pike too. 

Monday 3rd October.  As we all know the Pike season is now upon us.  Here at Shillinglee we have had a great start.  A day ticket fisherman called Gary did very well by catching 3 Pike up to about 7lbs and unfortunately lost 2.  Another day ticket fisherman also caught a 16lb Pike. Happy fishing!

Saturday 1st October.  Howard caught 2 Commons.  A 16lb and a 10lb.

Tuesday 27th September.  Mick also had a great days fishing.  He caught a 14lb 14oz Mirror and a 17lb 8oz Mirror.  He also landed 3 Commons, an 8lb, 11lb 4oz and a 17lb 4oz. Derek is doing well, catching most times he fishes at Shillinglee.  He too caught a 13lb 10oz Common.

Saturday 24th September.  Jack had a brilliant days fishing.  He landed a 10lb, 12lb, 16lb 10oz and a 17lb 4oz Common.  He also caught a splendid 34lb 10oz Mirror.  Angus caught 2 Commons.  One 10lb and the other 16lb and a 6.5oz Tench.

Friday 23rd September.  Autumn is here, although the weather is still lovely.  This weeks catches are, Jack caught a 12lb Mirror.  Steve also caught a 12lb Mirror.  Angus landed a 10lb Common.  And Derek again caught a splendid 29th 4oz Mirror.  Well Done. 

Saturday 11th September.  Jack caught a 29lb 4oz Common.  The weather has been lovely over the last few weeks.  Lets hope it continues. 

Saturday 3rd September.  This weekend there has been a quite a few fish caught.  Rob landed a 13lb 8oz Common, a 16lb Common and a 19lb Mirror. Andy had some lovely fish too.  He caught a 15lb Common, a 17lb 14oz Mirror and a really nice 29lb 8oz Common.  Joe (a day ticket fisherman) landed a 9lb, and a 12lb Common and a 21lb Mirror.  Andy (day ticket fisherman) caught a 3lb 8oz Eel. 

Sunday 28th August.  Joe (another day ticket fisherman) caught an 8lb 8oz Common, an 11lb 8oz Mirror and a 19lb Mirror. 

Saturday 27th August.  Andy (a day ticket fisherman) caught a very nice 16lb 3oz Common.  Jack landed a 12lb Common and a 17lb Mirror.  Steve also had a good days fishing with a 15lb and a 16lb Common.  He also caught a 12lb 3oz Mirror and a 20lb Mirror. Andy caught a really nice 27lb Mirror.  Charlie caught 2 Commons.  12lb and 15lb respectively.

We have had very good weather through the last week and over the bank holiday and welcomed more fishermen to the lake.

The weather is lovely at the moment down at Shillinglee. Long may it continue.

Saturday 20th August.  Jack had 4 Commons. A 19lb, a 12lb and 2 x 10lbs.  Steve also landed a 14lb Common and Andy caught a 10lb Common.

Friday 19th August.  There has been quite a few fish that have come out over the weekend.  Angus caught a great 8lb Tench.  Jack caught a lovely 20lb 10oz Mirror.  Steve caught a 12lb Mirror.  Andy caught 2 Mirrors. One 18lb 3oz and the other 19lb 10oz.

Sunday 14th August.  Matt landed a 14lb Common.  There has also been quite a few nice sized Tench out over the last weekend too.  The good weather is with us for a few more days so head down to the lake!

Friday 12th August.  Dave had a good evening fishing.  He caught a 26lb and a 12lb Common and a 14lb Mirror. Rob also caught a 12lb Mirror.

Saturday 6th August.  Tanya caught her first fish out of Silverdale. A nice 1lb Common.  Steve had a good day,  landing a 12lb and a 15lb 6oz Common,and a 14lb 10oz Mirror. Andy too, he had 4 fish.  A very nice 26lb and a 15lb Common, and 2 Mirrors that weighed in at 18lb and 12lb respectively.

Tuesday 2nd August.  Phil caught an 18lb 8oz Common.

Sunday 25th July.  Rob also caught a 12lb Common. 

Saturday 24th July.  There has been quite a few fish out over the weekend. Howard our new member caught a 19lb, a 14lb and a 10lb Common.  Richard caught a 9lb and a 10lb Mirror.  Phil caught a 16lb 5oz Common.  Matt had a good days fishing with a 14lb 8oz Common, a 10lb Common, a 12lb Linear, a 14lb 4oz Mirror and a 5lb 15oz Tench.

Saturday 10th July.  Andy caught a 19lb 7oz Common and a 28lb Common.  Rob landed a 20lb Mirror and a 5lb Tench.

Wednesday 6th July. Derek had a good days fishing.  He caught a 20lb 8oz Common and a 13lb 8oz Common.

Saturday 2nd July.  Andy caught a 15lb Common and a very nice 6lb Tench.  Paul landed a good 5.5lb Tench.

Saturday 2nd July.  Angus caught a 16lb and an 18lb Common.  Andy landed a very nice 18lb 5oz and a 14lb  Common.  Steve Stacey caught a 9lb Leather. 

Friday 17th June.  Andy caught a 31lb Common.  A nice fish Andy.  PJ caught a 22lb Mirror and Dom caught 2 x 15lb Mirror.  With a lot of flash flooding that has been happening over the last few weeks, let hope for a dry weekend.

Saturday 11th June.  A good night was had by all on Friday eve.  Sean landed an 18lb Common and Richard a 9lb Common.

Sunday 5th June. What great weather we had at the weekend, long may it continue. Dave had a great days fishing.  He caught a 15lb 8oz Mirror a 22lb 10oz Mirror and a 16lb 5oz Common. 

Friday 3rd June Please be aware that anyone wishing to come and fish on Saturday 11th June will find the lake busy and a lack of swims due to an event on the Friday eve.  The afternoon would be a better time to come.

Thursday 26th May.  Congratulations to Keith.  He has caught his PB at Shillinglee.  A stunning 36lb 14oz Mirror.  He was also married over the weekend too.  Many congratulations and best wishes to you both.

Saturday 21st May.  Some nice fish have been caught over the weekend. Andy caught an 18lb Common.  Jack landed a 9lb Mirror.  Paul a 16lb Common, Richard a 21lb 4oz Mirror.  Angus caught a 6lb and an 8lb Tench. 

Tuesday 17th May.  Some nice fish are being caught of late.  Taylor caught 2 Mirrors.  One 14lb and the other 25lb.  A happy man. 

Sunday 15th May.  Richard had a very nice 14lb Common.

Saturday 14th May.  With the weather becoming warmer, the fish seem to be on the move.  Some nice ones have been out this weekend.  Angus caught a very nice 32lb Common.  Jack landed a 17lb Common.  Andy caught a 20lb and a 14lb Common and Rob caught a 16lb Mirror.

Thursday 12th May.  Mark caught a lovely 18lb Common.

Saturday 7th May. Joe a day ticket fisherman had a really good days fishing. He caught 3 Commons, 14lb, 16lb and 18lb, then a 24lb Mirror.  Angus caught a 5lb Tench.  Rob caught a 14lb Common.  Josef also had a good days fishing.  He caught 4 fish, 2 Mirrors weighing in at 22.4lb and 15.8lb and 2 Commons at 17lb and 16lb.

Saturday 30th April.  The lake is looking lovely at the moment and with the temperatures due to climb this week we look forward to welcoming fishermen back to the lake.  There were some good catches over the weekend.  Simon caught a lovely 19lb Mirror.  Charlie had a good days fishing.  He caught an 18lb 12oz Common, a 10lb Mirror and a 17lb 4oz Mirror.  One was caught off the top and the other two from the bottom.  Steve also caught a very nice 13lb Common.

Saturday 23rd April.  Rob caught a very nice Silver Common, weighing in at 30lb 8oz. There is a great picture on the Facebook page.  He also caught a very nice 15lb Common and a 15lb Mirror.  Lee also caught a lovely 4.5lb Tench.

Due to work happening at the lake, Shillinglee with be closed from Tuesday 26th April till Thursday 28th late afternoon.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please take a look at the drone footage that was filmed last year over the lakes.  It is on the Shillinglee Facebook page. I'm sure you'll agree that it shows the lakes off beautifully.  It will be put on the Shillinglee website soon.

Saturday 2nd May.  The lake is looking lovely at the moment.  The temperatures are due to climb this week so we look forward to welcoming fishermen back to the lake.   Simon caught 19lb Mirror.  Charlie has a good day fishing.  He caught an 18lb 12oz Common , 10lb Mirror and a 17lb 4oz Common.  He caught one of the top and the other 2 off the bottom.

Saturday 16th April. Richard caught a very nice 22lb Mirror and Rob landed a 14lb Common. 

Saturday 10th April.  Rob had a good days fishing.  He caught 3 Commons, a 14lb, a 16lb and an 18lb, plus a fantastic 24lb Mirror. Angus also caught a 4lb Common and a great 9lb Tench.

Saturday 19th March. Angus landed a 13lb Common

Friday 18th March.  Having said there hadn't been much activity on the lake, Dom caught a lovely 23lb 14oz Mirror and a 12lb Common.

Friday 18th March.  There is still a couple weeks left in the Pike season.  Due to the cold spell there hasn't been much activity of late.  Happy fishing.

Saturday 5th March. Andy landed a 33lb 2oz Common. Jack also caught 3 Mirrors, a 10lb, 12lb and a 14lb.

Sunday 14th February.  Joseph caught a very nice 27lb Mirror. 

Saturday 13th February.  Rob is catching very well this season.  Again he has caught a 33lb 4oz Common and 3 Pike weighing up to 7lbs. 

Monday 8th February.  A day ticket chap caught 3 Pike, 16lb, 13lb and 8lb.  Well done. 

Wednesday 3rd February.  Craig caught a lovely 16 Common and a 14lb Mirror. 

Monday 1st February.  The water in the lakes at Shillinglee are now running well and having put the cold days and frozen lake behind us its looking good for fishing again.  Rob Savage had 2 nice Mirrors.  One being 20lb 8oz and the other 14lb.  Rob also caught an 11lb Common.  Andy had a very nice 14lb Common.

Saturday 9th January.  Rob is having some really good days fishing.  He caught 5 carp.  Two Commons weighing in at 12lb and 23lb.  And 3 Mirror carp weighing in at 22lb, 24lb and 29lb. 

Tuesday 5th January.  Happy New Year to you all.  Lets hope there is plenty of excellent fishing this year. There is still a few months of the Pike season left, so we wait with anticipation for some big fish to come out.  Good luck.