Tuesday 18th December

Please be aware that the Fishery will NOT be open on Christmas Day. 
It will be open as usual on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all guests to the lake, a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2019!

Monday 17th December

Well done to Chris for landing a 10lb Pike (pic to follow).

Monday 10th December

Another busy week for Sam... His latest catches include a 28lb Mirror, plus a 16lb Mirror and 16lb Common. Keep sending those pics in please.

Tuesday 4th December

Sam is on fire with his catches this week. Great pic of his latest, a 33lb 14oz Mirror.

Monday 3rd December

Latest catches just in from Sam who had a busy day fishing... Sam landed a 22lb 8oz Common, a 20lb Common, a 17lb Leather and a 16lb Common (pic to follow). Well done!

Congratulations to Henry for achieving a PB with his latest catch, a 34lb 5oz Mirror.

Also  congratulations to Henry Hayes who is this month's winner of Best Pic of the Month. Henry has sent in some brilliant pics of his catches during November including a PB! Henry wins a 10 voucher for the Apollo Angling Centre. Well done!

Thursday 22nd November

This weeks catch was landed by Jack, an 18lb Common. Great stuff!

Monday 19th November

Well done Henry for landing his Personal Best, a 23lb Pike!

Tuesday 13th November

We've teamed up with Reelers to offer their handmade, vaccum-packed boilies for sale on the bank at Shillinglee. These shelf life 1kg bags come in two flavours, The Source (Robin Red) or Seriel Kriller (Krill/Mussels). Ask Andy or Martin for more info.

Tuesday 6th November

Ben landed a 15lb 4oz Mirror.

Also, congratulations to Steve Stacey for winning this month's Best Pic of the Month. Steve wins a 10 voucher for the Apollo Angling Centre for his weighty catch. Well done Steve! Keep sending those pics in.

Thursday 1st November

It's been a busy week for Pike at the Fishery with Paul landing a 14lb, 12.5lb, two 5lbs and a 3lb. In addition, Sam caught a 12lb Mirror. Well done both!

Monday 29th October

Well done Henry for his latest catch, a 24lb Common.

Tuesday 16th October

It's been a busy start to the Pike season with Richard landing the following weights yesterday: 14lb, 12lb, 9lb and 5lbs. Paul also caught an 11lb 5oz Pike and Jon landed a 28lb 5oz Mirror.

Monday 15th October

Check out Ben's latest catch, a 14lb 10oz Common. Great pic!

Tuesday 9th October

Well done to Gary for landing a 21lb Pike and to Sam for catching a 22lb Common, both today. Thanks for the pics!

Monday 8th October

First Pike of the Season caught. Well done David for your 15lb catch!

Tuesday 2nd October

Steve caught a weighty 31lb 2oz Mirror

Monday 1st October

Two whopper Commons caught by Henry, weighing 20lbs and 19lbs 4oz respectively. Well done!

 Best Pic of the Month - September

Congratulations to Ben Randall for winning this month's Best Pic of the Month. Ben sent in not just one, but two pics of his two whopper catches. He will receive a 10 voucher for the Apollo Angling Centre. Keep sending those pics in!

Monday 24th September

A massive well done to Ben for his whopper catch, a 33lb 5oz Mirror, together with a 22lb 13oz Common and a 27lb Mirror. Also to Joe, for his 22lb Common.

Thursday 20th September

This week's catch report... Howard landed a 14lb Mirror, Ben, a 20lb 8oz Silver Common and a 14lb 5oz Common. Well done also to Sam with his two Mirrors, weighing 14lbs and 11lbs respectively, and to Charlie for catching a 13lb 8oz Common and a 13lb Mirror.
Keep sending your catch pics in. Remember, the Best Catch pic of each month wins a 10 gift voucher!

Tuesday 11th September

Well done to the following guys for this week's catches...
Jack, for landing a 15lb, 20lb 2oz, 15lb 11oz and 17lb 4oz Mirror, plus an 8lb Common. Paul an 18lb 8oz Common, Chris, a 17lb Common, Mick, an 18lb 10oz Common, Jon, a 14lb 10oz Mirror and finally Dean, for his 27lb Mirror and a 20lb Common. Keep sending those pics in!

Wednesday 5th September

Sam's latest catch is a 22lb 3oz Mirror (pic to follow). Other recent catches include Henry's 14lb Mirror, 4lb Mirror and 4lb Tench, Steve's 16lb 4oz Mirror and Ashley's numerous Roach and Perch.

Thursday 23rd August

Two 21lb Mirrors caught this week by Paul and Gordon. Well done both. Keep sending us your pics.

Thursday 16th August

It's been a busy few days at Shillinglee despite the slight drop in temperature. Well done Christian, for landing two Mirrors weighing 23lbs 4oz and 25lbs respectively, plus two Commons weighing 18lbs 9oz and 17lbs. Joe also caught a 10lb Common and Steve, a 17lb 9oz Common. 
Keep sending us pics!

Wednesday 11th July

Well done to Paul for landing an 18lb Mirror yesterday.
Keep sending in pics of your catches so we can post them.

Tuesday 3rd July

Well done to Charlie for landing a 26lb Common; also to Richard for catching a 4lb Mirror and 7lb Tench in the past few days.

It's been an exciting morning at Shillinglee with Martin and Sue being hissed at by an adder in one of the lakes!

Monday 25th June

It's been an eventful weekend at Shillinglee with Richard landing three Commons ranging from 18lb 12oz to 16lb. He also caught a 17lb Mirror. James also caught two Mirrors weighing 27lb and 3lb respectively, and Jack landed an 5lb Mirror.
It's going to get even hotter, so it's a good week for fishing!

Friday 22nd June

URGENT NOTICE: Due to a family bereavement, it has been necessary to cancel our World Fishing Day event on Saturday 23 June. Please be assured, we will defer this event to later on in the year. Further details will follow in due course.

Monday 18th June

Carches from the last few days include a 15lb Mirrorand a 13lb Common by Joe. Andy landed a 2lb 7oz Eel and George caught a 7.5lb Tench. Well done guys!

Tuesday 12th June

A lot of fish have been landed at the Fishery over the past week. Well done to Howard for catching a whopping 30lb 3oz Mirror, to Steve for landing a 5lb Tench and a 17lb 7oz Common, and finally Henry, for his usual hattrick including a 16lb Linear, 4lb Mirror and a 14lb 8oz Ghostie. The Fishery is open as usual.

Tuesday 5th June

It's been yet another busy weekend at the Fishery with Henry landing another three fish - a small Mirror, a 6lb Tench and a whopping 31lb 6oz Silver Common (pic to follow). Apparently the Silver Common hasn't been out of the water since April 2016 so Henry was 'well made up!'. Craig caught two beautiful Mirrors weighing 30lb 6oz and 16lb 2oz respectively and Richard landed a 12lb Mirror.

The fish still haven't spawned so the Fishery is open as usual.

Monday 28th May

It's been a busy bank holiday at the Fishery. What an achievement for Henry! He scored a hattrick, landing 3 fish so far with one more night to go! His catches included two Commons, weighing 23lb and 14lb 6oz respectively and another personal best Tench weighing 8lb 6oz. Pics to follow shortly.

On Saturday, Richard also scored a hattrick with an 11lb Common, a 13lb Mirror and a huge 23lb 10oz Mirror. Sunday was another success with Sam landing a 21lb Mirror and a 9.5lb Tench, whilst Richard caught three Commons each weighing 16lb 12oz, 14lb 4oz and 9lb 2oz. Day Ticket, Connor, also caught a 10lb Common.

Thursday 24th May

It's been a busy week at the Fishery with Christian landing two Mirrors, weighing 20lb 2oz and 17lbs respectively! Craig also caught a 26lb 8oz Mirror and Phil, a 6lb 5oz Tench. Well done guys!

Wednesday 23rd May

Another 5lb 5oz Tench was caught by a Day Ticket on Tuesday morning. However, it looks as though Charlie Duffy's 33lb 12oz Mirror is going to be the winner of the Shillinglee Cup, unless anyone can top this over the coming weeks!

Monday 21st May

Another well done to Charlie on his latest catch, an 18lb Common. Also to Christian Dupont who caught an 8.5lb Tench, both on Friday last week. Day ticket, Stewart also caught an 8.5lb Tench on Saturday. We have had several enquiries about the fishery being open and whether the fish have yet spawned. Nothing to report as yet, but it is likely when that when the fish do spawn that we will close for a week. We will announce this on the website as soon as it happens. In the meantime, make the most of the sunshine and keep fishing!

Tuesday 15th May

Charlie caught a monster 29lb 12oz Common, and on top of this two more Commons weighing 16lb 8oz  and 11lb respectively. Darryl, a day ticket, also caught a 15lb Common. More Common seem to be coming out of late compared to Mirrors, but certainly the fish are feeding and beautiful fish are being caught.

The weather is expected to be glorious this weekend so we're looking forward to some successful fishing!

Wednesday 9th May

Henry caught another two carp over the weekend, a 14.5lb Mirror Carp and then a 24lb 10oz Mirror (photos to follow). Well done Henry!

It was brought to our attention yesterday that three fishermen had caught some Pike and put in bags to take away. They had been advised by Andy, our bailiff that they should not be fishing for Pike this time of year anyway, and certainly should not be taking fish away from the lake. Their van registration details have been given to the police and we hope we won't see them again here at Shillinglee. For future reference, if anyone sees any suspicious activity to call Andy or me on: 07774 269 838.

Saturday 5th May

Andy, our bailiff, caught his first Tench of the season, landing a 5lb 8oz beauty. Mick caught a very nice 2lb Perch also.

The weather is expected to be stunning over the next few days so we are looking forward to an excellent weekend of fishing on the main lake.

Monday 30th April  We have had alot of activity on the main lake over the last few weeks;on 9th April,Henry caught another carp,this time a mirror,weighing in at 17 lb 2 oz and a 6 lb 8 oz Tench.Angus caught a Tench too,the first of the year ! The next morning,Henry caught a 19 lb Mirror.On 15th April,Charlie landed a 20 lb 2 oz Common and Angus a splendid 32 lb Mirror,well done Angus.Richard chipped in with a 13 lb Mirror,Theo a 13 lb 8 oz Mirror and Sean a 10 lb Common.On 20th April,Henry again with a 13 lb Mirror and 17 lb Common early in the morning.Charlie has had a great couple of weeks from 15th April to 23rd April , landing a 6 lb Mirror,7 lb Common,13 lb Common,17 lb Common,28.5 lb Mirror,29 lb Common and 18 lb Common,all off the top using small dog biscuits !

We moved 11 x 6-7 lb carp from one of the stock ponds to the main lake over the last few days which should be beautiful fish in a few years time.We will continue to move fish into the main lake as they reach this size and higher in our stock ponds.

Sunday 2nd April.  Henry caught a 14lb Common.

Saturday 1st April. Josef caught a 17lb 4oz Mirror. Henry also landed a 13lb Common.

Saturday 24th March. Lewis a day ticket fisherman, landed a 13lb 8oz Pike and Gary caught a small Jack.

Thursday 22nd March. Josef landed a 20lb 8oz Common. 

Sunday 18th March. We have some extremely cold weather of late, so lets hope it warms up soon.   Angus caught a 10lb Common.

Sunday 11th February.  Rob Loyd, a day ticket fisherman caught a 20lb 9oz Pike on a sardine.

Wednesday 10th January. Luke a day ticket fisherman caught an impressive 23.5lb Pike. Pete also a day ticket fisherman landed a and 23lb and a 14lb Pike.

Wednesday 4th January. We have decided to simplify the charging of day ticket fees from 15th January 2018, so from this date, there will be fee of 15 for adults fishing with up to 3 rods. Juniors under 14 years of age will be charged 10 for up to 3 rods and anyone fishing from after 4 pm will be charged 10 for up to 3 rods.

Tuesday 2nd January.  I did try to write a message to everyone wishing you a Happy Christmas but some how it went wayward, so Happy New Year instead! Here's to a great New Year and we look forward to seeing you all back at Shillinglee in 2018.