Fishing News from 2019

Wednesday 30th October

Autumn and the Piking season are now in full swing at Shillinglee..the leaves are turning stunning colours and we've enjoyed some beautiful Autumn days - plus more than a little rain!!.. which has far from dampened the spirits.. or success rate... of our brilliant fishing community!

To name a few, Jon enjoyed an incredible day's fishing, landing four Carp including a 13lb Common and a further three Mirror 17lb 3, 18lb 6 and 27lb 13!! Sam landed a stunning 17lb Mirror, Ben 12lb and 8lb 13 Mirrors and Howard caught SIX Common from 23lb 8 down to 15lb, plus a 31lb Mirror. Matt and Mark kicked off the Piking season spectacularly with 22lb and 15lb catches respectively.

What an amazing month October turned out to be! Do come and experience the Autumnal beauty and fantastic fishing at Shillinglee soon!

Friday 30th August

As the fabulous summer of 2019 draws to a close and the air becomes crisp with Autumn promise, we reflect on a hugely successful summer season at Shillinglee. Chris heralded the start of July with two fantastic Mirror at 19lb 5oz and 17lb 7oz - Mick subsequently topped that with a gorgeous 28lb silver Common.

Moving to the middle of July and Jon landed a stunning 27lb 10oz Mirror, followed by Sam beginning a brilliant run of catches well into August with a 29lb Mirror, 23lb and 19lb Commons and another 10lb Mirror. He then returned the following week and landed four massive further Common... weighing in at 28lb, 22lb, 21lb and 15lb. Paul not to be outdone caught two further whoppers at 23lb and 18lb! Huge well done and let's hope Autumn is as succesful for everyone!

Thursday 13th June

June has not only been a fantastically successful month so far on the lake, we have also seen extreme opposites on the weather front! From hot weekends late May/early June to the biblical deluges of recent days! Nevertheless, the fishing has been fabulous.. Sam caught two Common 17lb & 19lb, and an 18lb Mirror to add to the 18lb beauty he landed earlier in the month.

Marcus continues his amazing success with two 16lb Common and a 22lb Mirror to add to the 20lb & 16lb Common and 7lb 6oz Tench of early June.

In recent days, with the water levels higher and flowing from the stock ponds into the main lake, Alan .. 23lb 6oz Mirror, Chris .. 16lb 4 oz Common, Charlie .. 15lb 8oz Common and Christian .. 14lb Common have all enjoyed successful days at the beautiful & verdant Shillinglee.

Wednesday 15th May

The improvement in the weather has heralded busy times on the Lake... most significantly for Marcus, who not only landed two beautiful Mirror Carp, weighing in at 28lb 11oz and 9lb, but also a stunning 21lb 12oz Common!

Thursday 9th May

During a very busy month at Shillinglee - Marcus landed two Common weighing in at 15.4lb and 13.2lb, then added an 18.5lb Mirror to his haul!

Henry had an amazing fortnight .. over two visits he caught 6 Carp, the largest a cracking 17.5lb then followed that up with a 4.5lb eel! Well done Henry! The following week saw James land a 32lb Mirror, followed by Richard's enormous 33.5lb silver Common... the biggest at Shillinglee this season!

The first weekend in May was a super successful one on the lake, with Alan's 5lb Tench, Christian's 20lb Mirror, Steve's 14.8lb Common and Sam landing a 29.8lb Mirror.. Spring is definitely here, well done everyone!

Wednesday 17th April

Congratulations to Peter & Gary.. joint winners of our March photo competition! Both were pictured with 25lb pikes... Gary totalled 6 pike landed in one day and an additional 11lb to his 25lb whopper... Peter's 25lb pike completed an incredible piking season for him.. over 50 caught in total! Congratulations both! Happy Easter everyone!

Monday 18th March

Peter caught 3 Pike, comprising 6 lb, 8lb and 11 lb specimens,while Chris caught a 6 lb Pike and Pat a 3 lb Pike.It remains to be seen if one of the 30 lb beasts comes out before the end of March.

Charlie caught a 14 lb Common while Sam landed a 22 lb 8 oz Common,well done to all,and a photo of Sam's carp will be uploaded in due course.

Friday 15th March

An unusual occurance took place on our main lake on Saturday of last weekend when two fishermen,Steve and Henry each caught the same 11 lb 7 oz Pike ! Photos will be uploaded to the website shortly but are already on FB and Instagram.

We are still waiting for  day ticket Lee to come forward and collect the Feb 10 voucher for Apollo Angling Centre for his excellent photo of his 20 lb 8 oz Common caught in early Feb. Lee, plse call Martin Wakefield on 07774 269 838

Wednesday 13th March

Last week saw alot of activity at Shillinglee fishery with a good number of stunning carp coming out; Keith landed a beautiful 26 lb 8 oz Mirror while Christian caught an 18 lb Mirror,18 lb Common,15 lb Common and 10 lb Common,well done to both.

Just a reminder that we still have 1 kg bags of two flavours of boilies for sale on site,please ask our bailiff, Andy if you are interested.

The end of the Pike season at Shillinglee is now in sight, so just over two weeks are left to catch one of the 30 lb specimens that haven't come out so far since October 2018. Good luck to all.

Sunday 3rd March

Peter caught a monster 25lb Pike.. not only the largest Pike caught at Shillinglee this season but also a personal best for Peter... who also landed an 11lb Pike taking his season's tally to 48! An incredible achievement .. best of luck making it 50 Peter!

In other news, Rob caught a lovely Perch, just under 2lb and a couple of small Pike... rounding off a busy week on the lake at Shillinglee.

Monday 18th February

Pete recently caught a magnificent 15lb 4oz Pike! A real beauty... well done Pete! The Lake is looking at its winter best and punters are enjoying the unseasonally warm weather at the moment.

Friday 15th February

Sam caught four beautiful carp, all Commons, one 14lb, and the other three were in the 8-10lb range. Nice work Sam ! The lake is looking stunning in the late Winter sunshine, and we look forward to seeing you over the weekend.

Friday 8th February

Shortly after the ice thawed on the main lake last weekend.,Lee caught an immaculate 20 lb 8 oz Common,a beautiful fish,well done Lee.

Thursday 31st January

Congratulations to Henry Hayes for winning January's Best Pic of the Month with his 19lb 4oz Common. Henry wins a 10 voucher for the Apollo Angling Centre. Well done, and keep those pics coming please!

Tuesday 29th January

Two Jack Pikes caught by Pete this week, each weighing approx. 4lbs.

Wednesday 23rd January

The lake has been frozen over the last two days but rising temperatures today have seen the last of the ice disappear.

Monday 14th January

The latest catch was a 19lb 4oz Common landed by Henry. Well done, great pic (to follow)!

Wednesday 8th January

The latest catch is by Keith, with a 14lb Mirror. Well done!

Wednesday 2nd January

Happy New Year! Congratulations to Sam Moor on winning last month's Pic of the Month. Sam inundated us with his numerous catches and great pics. Sam wins a 10 voucher for the Apollo Angling Centre. Keep those pics coming in please.