FISHING NEWS from 2021

Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Congratulations to Howard for landing a stunning 32lb 8oz Mirror last week, and Steve for the 8lb Pike he caught at the weekend. The pike fishing season continues to deliver, well done all!

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are closed Christmas Day, and re-open Boxing Day, 6.30 to dusk.

Merry Christmas to you all, and we hope you have a very Happy New Year. The Shillinglee Team

Monday 13th December 2021

We are marching towards Christmas here with the pike season in full flow... some fabulous captures from our day ticket holders and we are always delighted to see multi-generational groups around the lake, as the experienced, more senior anglers pass on years of valuable experience to the younger ones. We welcome all ages and abilites... Juniors fish for £10 on a day ticket, and Silverdale Lake can be hired for £60 exclusive use for a day, with a BBQ supplied... BYO food.

Congratulations Richard, who landed three stunning Mirror Carp over the weekend, 28lb 8oz, 16lb 8oz and 15lb.

 Monday 22nd November 2021

A stunning & successful weekend to report here in sunny Shillinglee... lots of Pike caught, largest a whopping 23lb.. photos to follow! Autumn is fully established here... the lakes are fringed with beautiful leafy displays of Autumnal colour ... and equally importantly, we are experiencing some fabulous fishing success stories! Come and see for yourselves... we take cash & card, have plenty of parking, toilet facilities and you are guaranteed a warm welcome!

Monday 15th November 2021

Autumn has well and truly arrived here at Shillinglee... the leaves are on the turn and our lakes look especially beautiful. Our pike fishing community have been celebrating as we've had some great successes, including several weighing 10-15lb. Congratulations also to Andy, our Bailiff, for the stunning 19lb Common he landed over the weekend, and Jack for the 18lb Common yesterday!

Friday 5th November 2021

Please note our opening hours are now (strictly) 6.30am to 5pm for day ticket holders until further notice.

Monday 1st November 2021

Congratulations Theo for landing a stunning 22lb 10oz Mirror yesterday, Alan for the 12lb Pike and all our successful Pike anglers - a fantastic weekend!!

Friday 29th October 2021

What a great week for numerous captures, huge well done Jon for the lovely 21lb 9oz Common & 16lb 12oz Mirror, Jack 23lb, 10lb and 19lb 8oz Commons; Rich 11lb Mirror; Charlie 10lb Common; Ben 12lb Mirror - & to our dedicated Pike fishing community who are enjoying continual stunning success.

We are open from 6.30 to dusk, take cash or card payment, have plenty of parking and toilet facilities... come and join us!

Monday 18th October 2021

Another successful weekend here at Shillinglee... the Pike season continues to produce numerous captures, with over half a dozen reported up to 15lb, well done all.

Congratulations Ben for landing a lovely 14lb Common to go with the 27lb Common he caught earlier in the day, and Jack for his 14lb Common.

Monday 11th October 2021

The Pike fishing season here at Shillinglee has got off to a cracking start, with Peter the Demon Piker landing two beauties: 14lb 8oz and 13lb, Lee a lovely 20lb 2oz whopper and Ben with a 22lb-er. Several other day ticket holders also landed some lovely pike, so all in all we saw 12+ out during last week/the weekend. A great start, well done everyone!

Not to be outdone, our Carp fishing community also celebrated some great Autumn captures: Theo who added a 16lb Common to the enormous 30lb 10oz Mirror of last week; Howard 23lb Mirror; Jack 17lb 10oz Mirror and 18lb 10oz Common and significantly Ben with 17lb Mirror, 27lb and 20lb Common to add to his pike success. Huge well done everyone!

 Friday 1st October 2021

Today marks the start of the pike fishing season and we wish to remind all of our customers that entry to the lake is strictly 6.30am to dusk. Our bailiff regularly walks around the lake and anyone on site prior to these hours will be asked to leave.

We would also remind all fishermen that treble hooks are not allowed, although two single hooks are permitted. Anyone found to be using trebles, or not abiding by our rules will be asked to leave and banned for life.

Additionally we expect all our anglers to have a good quality mat and landing net. Thank you. The Shillinglee Team

Monday 13th September 2021

We hope you have all enjoyed the recent very mini heatwave and drastic improvement in the weather... it's certainly been bucolic and beautiful here on our lakes.

Huge congratulations to Alan for his incredible success here over the past week. He has not only celebrated some brilliant Carp captures: two Common and 2 Mirror 14-18lbs but also a PB with a stunning 31lb 2oz Mirror!

Wednesday 1st September 2021

As we say goodbye to an unseasonably soggy August and hopefully look ahead to some balmy early Autumn weather, we have had a great week here at Shillinglee... huge well done to Alan for landing a whopping 31lb 2oz Mirror, and Rich for a pair of stunning Commons weighing in at 11lb 11oz and 11lb 2oz.

We've also noticed an increase in popularity of exclusive hire of our smaller Silverdale lake.. perfect for families, and day hire includes a BBQ (BYO food and drink). Several families have taken advantage of this recently, and enjoyed great success ... landing many smaller 2-4lb Carp. A perfect introduction to fishing for our younger future anglers!

Monday 16th August 2021

After a week of very unseasonal weather, it was a treat to enjoy a dry weekend here at Shillinglee... and celebrate the end of a very successful week for our fishing community!

Congratulations to: Alan 15lb Common, Ben who landed another three fabulous Commons weighing in at 18lb, 16lb 10oz and 15lb and Jack 18lb Common! Let's hope we get to enjoy some 'Summer' weather soon!

Friday 6th August 2021

Well done Ben for a massive 30lb Mirror and 13lb Common and Kevin for a lovely 18lb 8oz Common .. we look forward to welcoming both new and existing anglers to our fabulous lakes this weekend... hopefully better weather! Happy weekend to you all!

Monday 2nd August 2021

A weekend of celebrations... our angling community are on a roll at the moment! Well done Jack for a lovely 17lb Mirror, Alan 19lb Common, Richard 18lb Common, Steve 14lb Common and a special mention for our dedicated bailiff Andy... who landed a stunning 19lb Mirror!

Come and test your skills and join our ever-expanding list of angling success stories!

Friday 30th July 2021

Quite a week here at Shillinglee... we are celebrating a great run of captures... in no particular order... Ben 18lb 10oz Mirror, 10lb 4oz Common and 17lb 14 oz Common; Theo 18lb 8oz Common and 16lb Mirror; James 17lb Mirror, Jack 12lb Mirror; Rich 19lb 14oz Mirror and 17lb Common.

Well done all!

Monday 19th July 2021

Congratulations go to Keith, who continued his stunning angling success over the weekend, taking his weekly grand total of captures to 6... the biggest of which was a 20lb 2oz Common.

Well done to Charlie 19lb Common, Ben 17lb 8oz Common, Jon 13lb 4oz Mirror, Steve 20lb 4oz Common and last but far from least, our Bailliff Andy 20lb 14oz Common.

What a weekend!

Wednesday 14th July 2021

One of our regular anglers Keith celebrated three fabulous captures yesterday...all Common Carp weighing in at 15lb, 13lb and 10lb! What a successful day's fishing! Well done to Keith!

Friday 9th July 2021

We look forward to welcoming you this weekend... we are fully open and take card/cash, have plenty of parking and have celebrated some fabulous captures this past week!

Tuesday 6th July 2021

Another fruitful weekend here at Shillinglee... congratulations go to Richard for a fabulous double: two Common Carp captures weighing in at 21lb 14oz and 20lb 12oz.

David also celebrated a fantastic 33lb Mirror and Christian a 4lb Tench.

Come and test your skills on our beautiful lakes... we'd be delighted to welcome you!

Monday 28th June 2021

Congratulations Paul for the stunning 21lb Common capture... and also George 17lb Common, Richard 10lb Common and Steve 12lb Common.

A great weekend here at Shillinglee... come and join our successful Carp fishing community... we guarantee a warm welcome! See you soon. Shillinglee Team

Thursday 24th June 2021

Another fabulous week .. massive well done to Theo for the stunning 21lb 4oz Mirror he landed earlier in the week... also to Richard 7lb Tench, Ben 13lb 4lb Mirror, Charlie 11lb Mirror and Dave 12lb Common.

Our gorgeous lakes are in full mid-Summer bloom .. come and try your skills & get a mention here when you celebrate fabulous captures! See you soon hopefully!

Friday 18th June 2021

We are happy to report on a great week here at Shillinglee ... despite the contrasting blazing sunshine and high temperatures followed by the most recent muggy deluges, several of our fishing community have reported some great captures... details to follow!

We are fully open now the fish have stopped spawning, do come and join us soon! We have plenty of parking, no need to book in advance and take cash and card as payment.

 Wednesday 9th June 2021

** We are delighted to announce that the fish have stopped spawning, and we are re-opening tomorrow, Thursday 10th June, at 6.30am.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our lakes in this glorious weather.. thank you for bearing with us, we appreciate your patience **

 Monday 7th June 2021

** An update: The fish are still spawning... we will update you as soon as we can re-open... thank you for your patience **

Friday 4th June 2021 ** we remain closed for spawning, will update once re-open **

We remain closed due to the fish spawning, though having had such a successful weekend pre -closure, figured an update was in order!

Most heartfelt congratulations go to Rich for a phenominally successful session on the lake... he landed a huge Linear Carp weighing in at 26lb 3oz, swiftly followed by a stunning Common 19lb 2oz and a huge Mirror tipping the scales at 22lb! Amazing! He then added another two Common to this incredible tally...!

Andy also celebrated a 12lb 8oz Mirror and 4lb Tench, Marcus a 25lb 4oz Common and a day ticket holder landed an out-of-season 24lb Pike! What a weekend!

Monday 31st May 2021

We have had a lot of fish out over the last few days which we will report on later this week but we wanted to let you know the fish are now spawning so we will close from tonight.We will advise when we will reopen.

Wednesday 26th May 2021

Another fantastic week for our fishing community...congratulations to Keith for landing a fabulous 19lb 5oz Common, Andy for another great capture... a 25lb 12oz Mirror... and Theo who topped off a brilliant week which saw him catch a 24lb 4oz Common and a MASSIVE 30lb 15oz Mirror from his spot on Carp Corner. Well done all our tenacious and intrepid anglers.

Wednesday 19th May 2021

Well done to our Bailiff Andy for his fabulous recent captures... two stunning Commons weighing in at 19lb 4oz and 15lb and a huge 22lb 12oz Mirror .. also Charlie for the lovely 17lb 4oz Mirror he landed earlier in the week. Congratulations!

Friday 14th May 2021

A great week here at Shillinglee... huge congratulations to Howard for landing a stunning 19lb Common, a very successful day ticket holder for the 27lb Common and 14lb Mirror and last but not least Theo for the 20lb Common!

Do come and join us and test your skills this weekend.. we accept cash and have a card reader... no need to book ... renovated pegs and a warm welcome await you!

Monday 10th May 2021

Our hearty fishing community have braved some strange and unseasonal weather over the past weeks... freezing temperatures, high winds and the odd day of very welcome sunshine thrown in.

Despite this, we have seen some great captures, including numerous perch and roach, plus some fabulous Carp... congratulations Keith for the lovely 12lb Mirror and Andy, our Bailiff for the whopping 22lb 12oz Mirror he landed at the weekend!

Wednesday 28th April 2021

Perseverence and tenacity paid off for Theo who landed a stunning 27lb 5oz Common yesterday... along with another 17lb Common... huge congratulations!

Well done also to Mick for landing a fabulous 24lb 6oz Common and Keith for another weighing in at 18lb. A fabulous week so far for our intrepid Anglers...we look forward to welcoming you soon to our gorgeous lakes.

Wednesday 21st April 2021

Congratulations to Howard for landing a stunning 28lb Mirror Carp yesterday...we have seen some fabulous success stories recently... do come and enjoy the mini Spring heatwave that's forecast and test your angling skills.

Our lakes are looking amazing, Spring has definitely sprung here at Shillinglee!

Friday 16th April 2021

Despite the strangely erratic weather patterns over the last week... Andy our bailiff has reported everything on the lakes from snow, bright sunshine, frosty nights and back to bright sunshine!... we have had some fabulous carp captures from our day ticket holders... most notably Ben with a stunning 19lb Common and Dave celebrating a fabulous 12lb Mirror.

Now the warmer temperatures and a few April showers are forecast, and the leaves are unfurling around the lakes, we look forward to seeing you soon ... all ages and abilities are welcome.

Wednesday 7th April 2021

We hope you all enjoyed the Easter break...the sun shone brightly on us here at Shillinglee, albeit with a blast of arctic temperatures. Nevertheless we have some fantastic success stories to report...  congratulations go to John for the huge 23lb pike he landed just before the end of the pike fishing season.

The carp fishing community, not to be outdone by our amazing pike fishing experts, celebrated some stunning captures, in no particular order: Craig 26lb 10oz and 15lb Mirrors, Theo a 25lb 5oz Common and 19lb 2oz Mirror, Rich 17lb 8oz Common and 19lb 14oz Mirror, Jon with a 12lb 4oz Common and finally Dave and a lovely 12lb Mirror.

Well done everyone... we are fully open and look forward to welcoming you to our gogeous lakes.

 Monday 29th March 2021

We have had such an amazing Pike fishing season here at Shillinglee... Peter the local pike fishing legend is well on track with his season tally... he added a 15lb 8oz whopper, a 14lb-er and another of our day ticket holders celebrated two more, weighing in at 6lb and 4lb respectively.

We are also delighted to report a fabulous 18lb Mirror Carp ... a great capture by another day ticket holder.

We are fully open over Easter, 6.30am to dusk ... the forecast is fabulously warm and sunny. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful lakes.


Monday 22nd March 2021

The gorgeous Spring weather has heralded some fabulous captures for the Shillinglee Fishing Community... we have seen some decent sized Roach and the Pike season continues to produce some fantastic fish... last week two of our day ticket holders landed a whopper each, c. 25lb amongst many others over the past fortnight up to this weight.

We remain open for day tickets as normal, and have plentiful parking, safely distanced pegs and payment by card or cash. We hope to welcome you soon.

Monday 8th March 2021

What a wonderful start to Spring... we've had some fabulously mild and sunny days here at Shillinglee... and our fishing community have enjoyed numerous great successes.

The pike season continues apace, with Peter adding several more captures to his seasonal tally... and our day ticket holders have landed some stunning carp.. including a massive 23lb Common last week.

Renovations of Carp Corner and several other pegs have been completed, with new bark chipping and more space .. do come and experience our beautful setting and top class facilities for yourself. We remain open for day tickets, and are a safe and friendly venue. We look forward to welcoming both regular and new customers to our gorgeous lakes.

Friday 19th February 2021

We are fully defrosted and enjoying the sense of Spring in the air now the milder weather seems to be here to stay.

The piking season continues successfully with Peter enjoying several captures including a stunning 5lb-er, and Alan landing a huge 21lb 8oz beauty. Well done both!

Come and test your skills on our lovely lakes and enjoy our fully renovated pegs, flexible cash or card payment, plentiful parking, and the natural beauty of Shillinglee and of course.. fabulous fishing opportunities. We welcome all ages and abilities so do come and join us.

Monday 15th February 2021

Our main lake is now partially defrosted... leaving around a quarter thawed enough to fish on. Given the most recent forecast is preducting higher temperatures tonight and tomorrow, we are confident all lakes will be thawed out tomorrow and fully open for business!

Friday 12th February 2021

Please note our lakes are currently frozen over, we will let you know once they've thawed but in the meantime we are closed.

Wednesday 10th February 2021

February has blown in with a seemingly endless amount of rain, followed more recently by snowy days and freezing weather. Despite losing a few fishing days with our lakes frozen over, we are pleased to report the last 10 days have seen uninterrupted access and some lovely captures.

We have had some fabulous pike fishing success, with lots of jack pike and several larger, the biggest of which topped 10lb. However, we are delighted to report that Peter has once again topped everyone and last week celebrated landing a stunning 13lb 8oz beauty... his legendary perserverance paying off once more.

We are open from 6.30am to dusk every day, no need to book and our Bailiff Andy takes cash or card via his portable card machine. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Friday 22nd January 2021

As we continue through the latest National Lockdown and endure the changeable weather that January throws at us, we are pleased to report on some stunning successes here at Shillinglee, and delighted to see several generations of anglers enjoying our beautiful lakes and celebrating some great captures.

Peter the Piker continues to add to his seasonal tally, landing several beauties including a 20lb 8oz whopper last week. John landed a lovely 10lb pike while fishing with his son Craig, one of our regulars, while Derek landed a 6lb pike and Andy, our fabulous bailliff an 8lb pike on the same day.

Mike, on a day ticket with his young son and during his first trip to Shillinglee, caught a huge 17lb pike! Masstive congratulations to all our intrepid anglers, of all ages, and do be encouraged by these success stories to come and experience our lovely lakes for yourselves.

 Monday 11th January 2021

Update on our lakes here... we are pleased to report that they are no longer frozen... please do come and enjoy the peace and tranquility of Shillinglee during these difficult times, added to which we are seeing some fantastic, massive pike caught in recent weeks so come and test your skills!

Rest assured we follow all Government guidelines regarding social distancing, and offer card payment as an alternative to cash. There is plenty of parking, and no need to book to fish between 6.30am - dusk. Due to Covid restrictions, please note there is no Syndicate-only night fishing currently permitted.

Friday 8th January 2021

We are delighted to announce that, after strong representation to the Government from the Angling Trust regarding the physical and mental benefits of fishing, and the natural social distancing that goes with the sport, fisheries are now permitted to remain open during daylight hours.

Unfortunately our lakes are currently frozen, though we will post regular updates on here and our social media pages... Facebook and Instagram.. as soon as they have thawed.

Please also note that permitted fishing during this lockdown does not currently include night fishing. The link to the Angling Trust announcement is below.

 Wednesday 6th January 2021

In line with the latest Government legislation regarding the Fishing Industry, please take time to read the announcement from the Angling Trust (link below). Following on from this, we will be closed from midnight last night (5th January 2021) until further notice.

Please be assured we will alert you regarding any further announcements as soon as we are notified. We know this is a very difficult time for many of you ... stay safe and well. Shillinglee Team.

 Monday 4th January 2021

Happy New Year! We hope all our anglers enjoyed a restful festive season, despite the restrictions, and as am sure you all do, we are looking resolutely forward and hoping for a better year ahead.

On a positive note, we are delighted to report on a hugely successful fortnight here at Shillinglee... amongst others, well done to Jonathan who landed a huge 16lb 10oz Pike the week before Christmas. Ben celebrated another pike at 16lb 6oz and then followed this up with a 21lb 3oz whopper, Charlie a 17lb 4oz pike and Peter with a 7lb-er. A fabulous start to the holiday season!

Jake landed a 12lb Mirror, Rob a 25lb of the same between Christmas and NYE, and Andy our Bailiff has reported several more pike out in the last few days!

Do come and test your skills on our stunning lakes... a fantastic start to what will hopefully be a better year for everyone.

Wednesday 27th May 2020

A wonderful sunny weekend here at Shillinglee... and a very successful catch report to share with you all!

Steve landed a beautiful 33lb 12oz Mirror, Jon a stunning 20lb 7oz Mirror and our bailiff Andy continued his run of success with a 16lb 6 oz Mirror and a 12lb Common.

Sunday saw Dave landing an 11lb Common and Matt a 1lb 8oz eel!

We look forward to welcoming you as the heatwave looks set to continue for at least another week... we have all the appropriate safety measures in place regarding distancing and money collection so do come and join us in the sunshine!

Friday 22nd May 2020

What a fabulous start for many of our Syndicate and day ticket holders...Andy deserves a special mention for the stunning 32lb Common he landed, Pete for several c. 1.5lb roaches and topped of in spectacular style by Paul Harrison for his incredible haul of 26lb, 24lb and 18lb Commons!

In addtion, day ticket holder Robin scored a PB and Shillinglee record for the biggest Tench ever out of the lake .. 11lb!

The sun is due to shine all week, including the Bank Holiday weekend, so do come and join us here at sunny Shillinglee!

Monday 18th May 2020

Shillinglee has reopened and our Syndicate Members have wasted no time during the lovely sunny weekend... congratulations to Sam Moor for landing a whopping 32lb Mirror, and following up this success with a 10lb Common.

Alan also deserves a mention for his 25lb Common, as does Mark for catching a stunning 6lb Tench. Craig followed these successes with a beautiful 18lb Mirror. A very positive first week back, and our social distrancing and personal hygiene and safety measures are all in place to ensure a safe fishing experience for all.. we look forward to opening on Wednesday 20th to day ticket holders, see below for further information.

Tuesday 12th May 2020

The Angling Trust (AT) is recommending that fisheries can open from tomorrow if they feel they are able to operate safely and within Angling Trust guidelines.Shillinglee Fishery will open to syndicate members only from tomorrow, Wed 13th May, so we can gradually open our facility and set up a bank transfer system ( rather than accepting cash) amongst other requirements.

Day tickets will be available from Wed next week onwards, 20th May,from 6.30 am/6.30 pm for £15 for up to 3 rods; people wishing to fish from this date should contact Martin Wakefield, the owner on 07774269838 the day before to book a place and make a bank transfer that day, so fees are paid before the day of arrival.

A maximum of 12 pegs will be available in total around the main lake each day to ensure minimum distances,as recommended by the AT,between fishermen of 15 metres are observed .Please bring hand sanitiser with you if you handle the car park or entrance gate to the fishery, although we will endeavour to keep the gates open during the day to minimise handling of these gates.The portaloo in the car park will not be open during the day for the time being until we have a system in place to keep it clean and safe.

The head bailiff,Andy,will check on the bank ( from a safe distance of minimum 2 metres) that day tickets from next Wed 20th May have been paid by bank transfer the day before , and as such, will ask for the day ticket’s full name and number ( allocated from 1-12 at time of payment).For further clarification of Angling Trust guidelines, please view their website.

We looking forward to welcoming you back to Shillinglee Fishery and please keep safe.

Wednesday 15th April

Shillinglee Fishery remains closed due to Government regulations regarding non-essential businesses and social distrancing due to Covid-19. However we send our best wishes to everyone during this difficult time.

We thought a retrospective update of the Pike season would be of interest .. as Peter deserves a name-check and our massive congratulations for an quite astoundingly succesful piking season. During the pre-lockdown period of October 2019 - March 2020, he caught 19 pike, weighing between 10-20lb, plus additional pike 21lb, 23lb 6 oz and 23lb 10oz. Amazing.. well done Peter!

Jack also had a brilliant pike season... well done... and to all of you. We hope to welcome you all back to Shillinglee as soon as lockdown ends. Stay safe and healthy in the meantime.

Wednesday 25th March

Plse note we are shutdown due to the current lock down in place due to the Coronavirus and will remain so until further notice.

Monday 23rd March

Finally the wet weather has abated and Spring sunshine is warming the air here at Shillinglee. It's been lovely to see so many of you out fishing during these trying times, and following Government guidlines on social distancing.

Late March has seen some fabulous catches.. to name a few: Sam 18lb Common, Henry 18.5lb Common, and Angus with two fantastic Mirror Carp weighing in at 30lb 12 oz and 27lb 4 oz.. as well as the 6lb Tench he landed! Well done to Peter with his 23lb 6 oz Pike last weekend... a great start to the Spring fishing season at Shillinglee.

We remain open and wish all our members, friends and families good health during these unprecedented and difficult times.

Wednesday 4th March

Spring is in the air... and hopefully we've seen the last of the terrible wet weather. Do come and visit us now there are signs of green shoots and warmer air .. Jon did, and what a fabulous 48 hour fishing marathon he enjoyed, landing amongst others a fabulous 15lb 3oz Common! See you soon!

Monday 24th February

Despite the relentless deluge that February 2020 will be remembered for, the stoical anglers here at Shillinglee have been undeterred... Peter landed a 14lb 8oz Pike, Gary a 14lb Pike and Steve managed to top both with a 20 lb Pike! Sam has continued his successful season with  30lb and 23lb Mirrors.

Hopefully March and the promise of drier Spring weather will encourage you to come and enjoy our stunning lakes and beautiful fish! Happy Leap Year to you all!

Monday February 3rd

As we move towards Spring and the wet and mild winter leaves its muddy memories, the Piking season has been a great success here at Shillinglee. Henry landed a 12lb 8oz pike, his 10th above 10lb since October. Also deserving a mention are Jon and Sam, each catching 14lb Mirrors, Paul's 21lb & 23.7lb Commons, plus a 24.5lb Mirror and Keith's 14lb Mirror.

Well done to all our intrepid anglers, and to anyone tempted to fish our beatiful lakes for the first time, do come down and give us a try. You won't be disappointed!