Thursday 27th December. Richard Lemon landed a stunning 30lb 4oz Mirror.

Thursday 10th December.  Rob had a great days fishing.  He caught 3 carp. A 20lb 2oz and a 32lb 4oz Common and a magnificent 38lb 2oz Mirror.

Thursday 19th November.  There have also been quite a few Pike coming out lately too, up to 16lb.  With the cold weekend coming up lets hope the big ones show themselves. 

Tuesday 17th November.  Mick landed a very nice 24lb 8oz Mirror. 

Saturday 7th November.  Richard caught 2 Mirrors.  One being 13lb the other was 12lb.

A lifebuoy will be provided on each side of the Main lake and will be positioned against a tree close to the midway point between the Northern and Southern ends of the lake.

Saturday 17th October.  Andy caught a nice 13lb Mirror.

Friday 16th October.  Theo caught a 15lb Pike.  There have also been some very nice Perch of up to two pounds coming out over the last few days. 

Thursday 15th October.  Rob caught a very nice 12lb Pike and a 16lb Common.

Wednesday 14th October.  Joe landed a lovely 20lb Common.

We have made some improvements to swims 1, 2 and 3 by the gate on the western side of the Main Lake to improve access and safety for disabled fishermen/women who we recommend should use these 3 swims.

Saturday 10th October.  Theo landed a very nice 15lb 2oz Pike. 

Friday 9th October.  Rob caught a lovely 10lb Common, this being one of the younger fish we moved from Silverdale to the Main Lake a few years ago. 

With the Pike season approaching we look forward to welcoming all the Pike fisherman to the lake. 

Saturday 19th September.  Jack caught a 10lb, 12lb and a 14lb Common and a 22lb 4oz Mirror.

Thursday 17th September.  Joe landed a very nice 20lb Common.

11th September.  Again PJ has caught a splendid 31lb 15oz Common.  Jack landed a 19lb 2oz Mirror.

Thursday 10th September. PJ is having a good weeks fishing.  He has caught a 15lb 12oz Linear

Wednesday 9th September.  PJ again has caught a 20lb 8oz Mirror and a 26lb 14oz Silver Common, 2 of which have been caught recently.  Derek has also landed a 14lb Mirror. 

Saturday 5th September. PJ caught a very nice 15lb 4oz Ghost Carp.

Sunday 30th August. Richard caught a lovely 20lb Common and Kevin caught a nice 9lb Common. Charlie also landed a 10lb Mirror and a 19lb Common.  There was also a day ticket guy (sorry I don't know your name) who caught a splendid 8lb Tench.

Friday 28th August.  Jack again is fishing brilliantly having caught a 14lb Mirror, 11lb Common and a 31.2lb Common.  Also Dave had a good days fishing catching 3 Commons.  A 14lb, 16lb and a 19lb. 

Wednesday 26th August.  With all the torrential rain that we have been having over the last week, lets hope that it clears up for some more great fishing at the weekend.

Saturday 22nd August.  Jack caught a 13lb Mirror.  Angus caught a very nice 24lb Mirror

Friday 21st August.  Lee caught a 19lb Ghosty, 26lb Leather and a 30lb Silver Common, which is very rarely seen.  Jack also landed a 13lb Mirror. 

Thursday 20th August. Lee caught a 20lb Common and a 21lb Mirror.

Saturday 15th August.  Phil caught a lovely 23lb Mirror and a couple of nice Tench. 

Friday 14th August.  Jack caught a superb 34lb 12oz Mirror.  He also landed a 17lb Common and a 12lb Common. 

Saturday 8th August.  Andy caught a nice 13lb Common and Jamie a day ticket angler caught an amazing 35lb Mirror.

Wednesday 5th August.  Derek caught a lovely 19.5lb Common and a 12lb Mirror.

Wednesday 29th July. Derek landed a stunning 17lb Common.

Saturday 25th July.  Again, Dom landed a nice looking 20lb Common and Richard also caught a lovely 20lb Common.

Friday 24th July.  There has been work carried out on the lake updating the swims.  They are at the north west corner of the lake and the south east corner of the lake a couple of swims up from the boat house. We hope you enjoy them.  Also Rob caught a 21lb Mirror and Dom caught a 29lb Mirror.

Sunday 19th July.  Richard landed 2 Commons.  One was 16lb and the other was 14lb. 

There has also been some nice Golden Rudd being caught over the last week. 

Saturday 18th July.  Steve caught a 10lb Common and a 6lb Tench.  Rob caught a 4lb Tench and Keith (wait for it) landed a 21lb Mirror.  Congratulations Keith. Is that your PB!

Friday 17th July.  Steve caught a 15lb Mirror and a 12lb Common.  Phil landed a 10lb Common. 

Thursday 16th July. Grant, a day ticket fisherman caught a very nice 7lb 12oz Tench.

Saturday 11th July. Steve caught a 12lb Common, Andy caught an 18.9oz Mirror and Keith landed a 6.5lb Tench.

Friday 10th July.  Phil caught 2 Tench, one 7.5lb and the other 6lb. 

Monday 6th July.  Dom landed a beautiful 25lb 8oz Mirror.

Sunday 5th July.  Derek caught a 12lb Mirror and a lovely 6lb Tench.

Saturday 3rd July.  There has been quite a few 1.5lb - 2lb Roach and Rudd being caught over the last few weeks. Richard again landed a 12lb Mirror.

Thursday 2nd July.  Richard caught a very nice 25lb 8oz Mirror.

Sunday 28th June.  Sam landed a very nice 16lb Common. 

Friday 26th June.  Alex had a great days fishing.  He caught a 2lb Roach, a 2lb Perch, a 6lb Tench, and a 25lb 6oz Mirror. 

Tuesday 23rd June.  Derek caught a 10lb Common and a 12lb Mirror.

We are expecting some glorious weather over the next few days.  Has the summer finally arrived?

Saturday 13th June.  After the amazing thunder and lightning we experienced at Lakeside on Friday evening there was still fish to be caught.  Sean caught a 20lb 8oz Common and a 14lb Common.  Rob caught a 12lb Common and the other rob caught a lovely 24lb Mirror. 

Thursday 11th June.  Jack caught a splendid 18lb Common and Rob caught a lovely 17lb Common.

Tuesday 9th June.  Paul caught lots of Roach and Rudd up to 2lb.  Joe landed a beautiful 15lb Commom.  Derek caught a nice 7.5lb Tench. 

Saturday 6th June. Quite a few fish have been caught this week. John a day ticket fisherman caught a lovely 8lb Tench.  Sean landed 2 Commons. One was 17lb and the other was 15lb.  He also caught a 22lb Leather.  Phil caught another Tench, 7 in a row now, and a 15lb Common. Richard landed a 15lb Common and a Tench.  Andy caught a 13lb and an 18lb Mirror. 

Thursday 11th June.  Do to there being a syndicate event at the Lake on Friday eve 12th - 13th a.m. the swims will be closed at 5pm on Friday.  If you would like to come fishing  on the Saturday the afternoon would be a better time to come.  Thank you.

The water temperature has been slowly increasing recently and should further increase over the next week as we expect stunning weather up to the weekend. 

Saturday 30th May. Again, Andy landed a 17lb Ghosty and a 12lb Mirror.  Phil caught a 17lb Common.

Friday 29th May.  Andy caught a 25lb Mirror and Phil caught a 6lb Tench.

Thursday 28th May.  Dom had a great days fishing with 8 fish being caught,  6 Tench, a 10lb Common and a 23lb Mirror.  Well done Dom.

There has been quite a few catches lately so long may it continue.

Saturday 23rd May.  Rob caught a 20lb 8oz Mirror. Richard caught a 2lb 14oz Roach, which is the biggest Roach every caught at Shillinglee. The previous best was 2lb 10oz in September 2008.

Friday 22nd May.  PJ caught a very nice 5lb 8oz Tench.

Saturday 16th May.  Richard caught a beautiful 25lb Mirror.  Rob also landed a 14lb Mirror.

Friday 15th May.  Andy caught a 10lb Common and Rob caught a 20lb Mirror.

Thursday 14th May.  Richard had a good day's fishing.  He landed 3 Commons. Two 15lb and a 16lb.  He also landed a 6lb Pike in the same net that was chasing the 16lb Common.  He said "It was the only Pike he had caught at Lakeside" Richard didn't even have to use a rod!.

Wednesday 13th May.  Phil a day ticket fisherman also caught a 6lb Tench.

Tuesday 12th May.  Derek caught a lovely 6lb Tench and an 18lb Common. Well done Derek.

Please keep emailing photos to and we can put them on Facebook and on the website. 

Monday 11th May.  Dom had a great days fishing.  Catching 3 Mirrors, a 20lb, 15lb and a 12lb. He also caught a 16lb Common and 2 Tench weighing in at 6 and 7lbs.

Saturday 9th May.  Rob caught a 12lb Mirror.  Andy landed a 26lb Mirror.  Phil a 4.5lb Tench and Rob with 2 Commons, an 8lb and a 10lb.

Friday 8th May.  Here are the catch reports for this weekend.  There has been some good fishing.  Jack caught a 31lb Common.  Rob caught a 10lb Mirror.

Tuesday 5th May.  It is interesting to see the number of Commons that have been caught of late compared with Mirrors. We are looking forward to see if anyone can break the 40lb barrier over the next few months..... Many thanks for your comments and photographs on our Facebook page which is much appreciated. 

Monday 4th May.  Sean caught 2 Commons, one was 16lb and the other was 6lb.  Charlie caught a 17lb Common while fishing on the surface with bread.

Saturday 2nd May.  Andy landed a 16lb Common.

Saturday 25th April.  PJ caught a splendid 20lb Mirror and a 6lb Tench.  Richard also caught a 7lb Tench.

Saturday 18th April.   Angus caught a 22lb Common.  Robin also caught a 13lb Mirror. 

What fantastic weather we are having, touch wood it stays with us. 

Saturday 11th April.  Sean caught a stunning 37lb 11oz Mirror.  Jack and Phil both had nice Tench weighing in about 5lb respectively. 

Thursday 9th April.  Kevin caught 2 Commons that weighed in at 18lb and 19lb and a 20lb Mirror.

The Pike season will be coming to a close on the 31st March and we are still waiting for the 30lb Pike to be caught.  Thank you for all the messages and photos that have been put onto Facebook.  If you haven't seen the page already please take a look. 

Saturday 21st March.  Alex Outram caught a very nice 17lb Pike.

Saturday 14th March.  Theo had a big haul of fish catching 9 Pike.  The biggest being 15lb.

Monday 9th March.  Rob caught a nice 9lb Pike. 

Saturday 7th March.  Theo landed a very nice 11lb Pike

Friday 6th March.  Tony caught a lovely 19lb Mirror.

Sunday 1st March.   Sean caught 2 Tench one 5lb and the other 7lb.

We still are waiting for the big Pike to come out this season.  There is not a lot of time left.  Phil still has the biggest catch of the year, a Mirror weighing in at 40lb.  

Saturday 21st February.  Steve caught an 18lb 4oz Mirror and a splendid 37lb Mirror. 

Friday 20th February.  Theo landed 2 Commons.  One was 17lb 14oz and the other was 27lb 11oz.  Andy also caught a 13lb Common.

Thursday 19th February.  Rob East caught a 19lb 2oz Common.

Saturday 14th February.  Andy caught a lovely 22lb Common and Sean has caught the first Tench of the year weighing in at 4.5lb. 

Tuesday 3rd February.  Today is the grand launch of Shillinglee Fishery facebook page.  Please click on the link and it will take you straight there.  Do add any photos of fish or post comments (nice ones please!). We hope that you will enjoy having a look around the site.

The weather today, Friday 30th January, is sunny with some cloud and around 2 deg C.

Thursday 29th January.  Andy caught a stunning 21lb 12oz Mirror.

Tuesday 27th January 2015.  The lake is now no longer frozen as the temperature has risen to +8 deg C at the time of writing.  Not too much has been caught of late but we still await news of the elusive pike of just under 30lb which are still to be caught this season!

Friday 23rd January. Due to the return of the cold weather the lake here at Shillinglee has frozen over again. 

With temperatures now well back into positive figures, the thin ice layer of a few weeks ago is a distant memory and the lake is a beautiful place to spend a relaxing days fishing.

Saturday 10th January 2015.  Our first update of the New Year.  Robin landed a beautiful 13lb Mirror, a nice way to start 2015.

A Happy New year to all.......

As we move into the New Year, the Main lake is a beautiful sight.  It has been covered in a thin layer of ice in places over the last few days but with temperatures on the rise,  this has now disappeared.  Looking back over 2014, we have seen some of the iggest specimens ever caught at Shillinglee, including Theo's 10lb 9oz Tench, PJ's 40lb Mirror and several Pike at just under 30lb.  We have yet to see one of the big Pike caught since the season opended in October 2014 but we have wintessed many in the 15-20lb range so far.